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  • Color: H Color or better. Cushion cuts are one of the worst shapes when it comes to retaining color (or one of the best, if you're a manufacturer of fancy color diamonds).

This is why you find that Cushions and Radiants are the two most common shapes in the fancy color diamond market. For this reason, I recommend my readers stick with H or better when buying a cushion cut, unless it will be set in yellow gold (in which case, you can go down to J or K)

  • Clarity: Stick to SI2 clarity or SI1 clarity for the best value. Since cushion cuts have a large open table, it might be difficult to find a nice eye clean SI2. So you might have to compromise and end up paying a bit extra for a higher clarity stone.

Don't trust a site listing virtual inventory at their word regarding checks for eye-cleanliness. Only use a vendor that offers high quality photos and only trust their eye cleanliness check if they're checking it themselves.

  • Cut Parameters for Cushion Cut Diamonds:
    • Depth: Under 70%
    • Table: Under 70%
    • Polish/Symmetry: Good, Very Good, or Excellent
    • Length/Width Ratio: Whatever you like!

As you can see, these parameters are very loose. It's important to remember that with Cushion cuts (as is the case with many other soft-sided fancy shapes), you can't really evaluate a stone's cut quality by its numbers alone.You need to see the stone and see with your own eyes how it looks.

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