The Ultimate Symbol of Love! Heart cut diamonds are very popular as the shape is often associated with love and all things romantic. For people who are considering getting one, the appeal and marketability of the heart shaped diamond is like a double incentive.

It's no surprise that this particular shape is a very popular choice for anniversary gifts and engagement rings. After all, diamonds in and of themselves symbolize love, and so does the heart.

When a heart brilliant diamond is cut well, it can display a balanced scintillation pattern and project huge amounts of fire. However, the truth is that the majority of diamonds are cut to dismal proportions and often have lack luster appearances. In fact, the heart shaped diamond can be considered the most challenging to purchase.

Why so? Unlike round brilliant cuts where you could rely on cut grading assessments (e.g. an excellent cut or a very good cut rating) found in a gemological lab report, there is no such information available when it comes to fancy cuts.

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