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Diamond Glossary

Diamond Table Size - is the length of the table of a diamond located at the top in the crown of a round brilliant diamond.

Girdle Thickness - is the thickness of the girdle, located at the side of the diamond where the upper girdle facets and lower girdle facets meet.

Crown Height - the measurement from the girdle to the table of the diamond.

Pavilion Depth - the measurement from the girdle to the culet (bottom tip of the diamond) of the diamond.

Total Depth - Crown Height plus the Pavilion Depth

Crown Angle - is the angle of the crown relative to the girdle.

Pavilion Angle - is the angle of the pavilion relative to the girdle.

Culet - bottom tip of a diamond.

Star Length - the length of the star facet located at the crown.

Half Facet Length - length of the pavilion facet.

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