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Split Shank Rings

Split Shank Engagement Rings at Shira Diamonds in Dallas, Texas

Custom Split Shank Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas texas - Split Shank Engagement Rings - Shira Diamonds

Split shank engagement rings are characterized by a band that divides into two as it approaches the center stone. Some skillfully crafted split shank styles can give the illusion of more than one ring in a single piece. The popularity of split shank rings has grown steadily over the last two decades, and this type of ring can now be seen on the hands of many celebrities.

A divided band also provides more surface area for accent diamonds. On the other hand, a more subtle split can lend itself beautifully to a classic or vintage inspired design.

For the modern bride who is chic yet fun, split shank engagement ring settings are a distinctive and dynamic choice. Because there are so many unique variations, anyone can find the perfect split shank engagement ring to suit their singular personal style. Let one of our breathtaking split shank settings be the ultimate expression of your passion and commitment.

At Shira Diamonds in Dallas, Texas we offer:
  • Round Split Shank Engagement Rings
  • Princess Split Shank Engagement Rings
  • Cushion Split Shank Engagement Rings
  • Asscher Split Shank Engagement Rings
  • and many other types of split shank engagement rings.

If you would like to view our split shank diamond engagement rings please give us a call or text at 214-336-8629.


Great selection of split shank engagement rings at Shira Diamonds.

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After many months of searching online, educating myself on the 4 C's, dragging sliders around on various sites and deciding on a budget I decided to book an appointment to view various settings and stones at Shira Diamonds Jewelry Store in Dallas, Texas.

I was helped by an extremely knowledgeable and helpful member of staff Rick - to whom I would again like to thank for all of his help and guidance throughout the process!

I ordered a beautiful diamond after scrutinizing many examples within my budget and chose a beautiful split shank diamond engagement ring setting. I was told this will take around 1-2 weeks to be completed and delivered. I had received the call to come and collect the ring! Fantastic service.

Completely satisfied and happy with my purchase I would recommend Shira Diamonds in Dallas, Texas for an engagement ring to anyone!

Still 4 weeks to go before I have planned everything - cannot wait to see her reaction!