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2 Carat Princess Cut Diamond D SI3 EGL Certified Diamond : Princess Diamonds in Irving, Texas




SDA1337: Princess Diamond Irving
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Princess Cut Diamond 2 Carat D SI3 EGL Certified : Princess Diamonds in Dallas, Texas

Princess Diamonds Irving Texas - Shira Diamonds - Loose Diamonds - Wholesale Diamonds

The princess cut diamond is basically a new cut as its creation surfaced in the 1960's only to rise in popularity much later. The Barion cut diamond, created by Basil Watermeyer of South Africa and named after his wife Marion, was the seed for what is today known as princess cut diamond. It featured 81 facets and had 4-fold mirror-image symmetry. Apard Nagy in the year 1971 patented his variation of the square cut diamond then known as the 'Profile Cut'. Said to have been designed in 1961, it featured 58 facets and had a flatter appearance than the Princess cut diamond of today. This cut increased in popularity during the 1970's after its widespread distribution in Israel by Israel Itzkowitz, Ygal Perlman and Betzalel Ambar.

The 'Quadrillion' next entered the scene. Similar to the 'Profile Cut' but with 49 facets, the Quadrillion as it was named was initially distributed by Ambar Diamonds in Los Angeles and was trademarked in 1980. With the advancement in technology, many new versions of the princess cut diamonds have been introduced with the recent one being introduced by Robert Forster and Vinubhai G. Dhanani in 2013. They developeda princess cut design that was fashioned with 129 facets.

This princess cut diamond is a 2 Carat( Perfect 2 Carat Diamond! ) D color and SI3 Clarity. This princess diamond is non-certified but can be shipped to GIA or EGL USA. Shira Diamonds has this diamond in stock! If you would like to view this princess cut diamond please call 214-336-8629.

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The Four C's

SI3 ( Slightly Included )
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