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Round Diamonds Garden City : Wholesale Diamonds : Loose Diamonds

Round Diamond 1.66ct H SI2 Certified Diamond : Wholesale Diamonds : Loose Diamonds : Garden City


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SD-3345: Diamonds Garden City
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Round Diamond 1.66ct H SI2 Diamond Garden City

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Wholesale Diamonds - Round Diamonds - Loose Diamonds - Garden City - Texas - New York

Looking for a round diamond in Texas or New York? At Shira Diamonds - Wholesale Diamonds & Custom Engagement Rings we can show you our diamonds in Garden City! We have 1000s of loose diamonds in stock and now open to the public. This round diamond is a loose diamond and is white and eye clean! If you have any questions please call or text 214-336-8629. The price of this round loose diamond is $6500.00. This is our wholesale price going direct to the public! Don't pay the markup prices at Jewelry stores or diamond brokers.

If you are looking for a different loose diamond shape we have them as well including princess diamonds, oval diamonds, radiant diamonds, cushion diamonds, and heart diamonds.

Wholesale Diamonds Garden City : Loose Diamonds Garden City : Best Diamonds in Garden City : Shira diamonds : Texas : New York


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  • SI2
  • H
  • Round

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