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by Richard Ribacoff
Floral Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas Texas - Shira Diamonds

The new engagement ring trend is floral. Twinning petals mixed with milgrain and diamonds is this years most popular diamond engagement trend. Designers are charging a lot for this style but not Shira Diamonds. We have offered a floral style vintage vine affordable engagement ring collection. These are a few of our popular styles all priced under $1000. Get designer vine style vintage engagement rings without designer prices.

Custom floral diamond rings in Dallas, Texas at Shira Diamonds

Custom Flower Diamond Rings in Dallas Texas at Shira Diamonds

Custom Flower Diamond Rings in Dallas Texas at Shira Diamonds

Custom Flower Diamond Rings in Dallas Texas

Vintage Halo Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas, Texas - Shira Diamonds


Blue Diamonds for sale at Shira Diamonds in Dallas, Texas

by Richard Ribacoff
Blue Diamonds in Dallas Texas at Shira Diamonds

Blue Diamonds in Dallas, Texas at Shira Diamonds

Next month, Christie's will offer the largest and, arguably, the highest-quality fancy vivid blue diamond ever seen at auction. Named for its previous owner, the late Sir Philip Oppenheimer (a member of the family that runs the De Beers diamond company), the 14.62-carat, rectangular-cut Oppenheimer Blue Diamond is one of the standout lots from Christie's Magnificent Jewels event in Geneva. The diamond is estimated to sell for $38 million to $45 million. It's not your imagination—auctions of blue diamonds have dominated the headlines lately. In November 2014, Sotheby's New York set an auction record for a blue diamond when the Zoe Diamond garnered $32.6 million. The 12.03-carat Blue Moon dropped jaws and raised paddles at Sotheby's Geneva in November 2015, setting an auction record for any gemstone when it sold for $48.5 million. (Its new owner renamed it the Blue Moon of Josephine in honor of his daughter.) Earlier this month, Sotheby's Hong Kong offered the 10.10-carat De Beers Millennium Jewel 4 and saw it sell for $31.8 million. Due to sell at Sotheby's New York on April 19 is the 9.54-carat Shirley Temple Blue Diamond, which carries a presale estimate of $25 million to $35 million.

Blue Diamonds in Dallas, Texas at Shira Diamonds - Wholesale Diamonds in DallasIf you miss it, you can aim instead for the Oppenheimer Blue, appearing at Christie's Geneva on May 18. At 14.62 carats, Christie's bills it as the largest and finest vivid blue diamond (the best) to come up for sale at auction, bringing a presale estimate of $38 million to $45 million. But more headlines does not mean there are more blue diamonds out there—it means that more people have learned to appreciate them. "Now it seems like the average person I see comes in with more knowledge than even a decade ago. It contributes to the prices going up," says Scott West, who is executive vice president of LJ West Diamonds in Manhattan and a colored-diamond specialist. "If you're not comfortable, or unsure about something, it's easier to say no to a big purchase."

Rahul Kadakia, international head of jewelry for Christie's, traces the current streak to his house's sale of the grayish-blue, 35.56-carat Wittelsbach in London in December 2008. "It was at the nexus of the downturn," he says, recalling its presale estimate as $12 million to $15 million. Subsequently, jeweler Laurence Graff bid $24.3 million for it and renamed it the Wittelsbach-Graff. "That kind of turned prices around," Kadakia says. "People thought: If it can make this price in this market, what can colored diamonds be worth?" The Wittelsbach still holds the Christie's house record for a blue diamond, but he expects that the Oppenheimer Blue will take the title next month. Its perfect rectangular cut is itself a luxury—no contemporary jeweler would risk consigning so much of the rough stone to the floor. "It's truly one of the rarest blue diamonds I've seen, and I've been with the company for 20 years," he says. "This is really the best. If it was up for sale anywhere else, I'd say the same thing."

David Bennett, worldwide jewelry chairman at Sotheby's, says he has become "a sort of evangelist" for blue diamonds. "There's no other gemstone like a blue diamond," he says. "Once you've been charmed by a blue diamond, nothing else will do." He is unsurprised that the Blue Moon earned a record price, not just for any blue diamond, but any gemstone at auction. "On a personal level, it was one of the most beautiful blue diamonds I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot," he says, laughing. "It had that effect on a lot of people." He is looking forward to the auction of the Shirley Temple Blue, which has a quality that few blue diamonds possess: a celebrity owner in its past. "It's rare to have a 20th-century famous provenance with a colored diamond. She must be one of the best-known child stars," he says. "It's an extraordinary stone. Today, we look back with the hindsight of the market and think, What an amazing purchase!"

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Edgy Engagement Rings

by Richard Ribacoff
Edgy Engagement Rings in Dallas Texas at Shira Diamonds

Edgy Engagement Rings in Dallas, Texas

Edgy Engagement Rings in Dallas Texas - Shira Diamonds

Every romance has its special moments. Every love is unique. Every engagement celebrates a relationship. And sometimes an unusual engagement ring shows another side. With these sentiments in mind, we searched for engagement rings that were far off the beaten path. The eclectic pieces we picked share a few themes: they speak of eco-awareness, feature alternative materials, and are for couples looking to make a statement. If you're searching for the perfect ring for your bride-to-be, you may find some interesting ideas here. And even if these rings aren't the right fit, you may find some unusual inspiration.

The Covet engagement ring in Dallas texas at Shira Diamonds

The Covet engagement ring features a 4.53 ct rough octahedron diamond with a halo mounting in platinum. Courtesy: Diamond in the Rough.

If you like conversation pieces, this ring will ignite discussion. Take the quintessential platinum engagement ring with a halo setting. Then for the dramatic surprise: instead of a classic round brilliant, set a 4.53 ct rough diamond in its natural octahedron shape. Although it's unconventional, the ring still has a classic charm.

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas Texas

Hazeline Solitaire Ring with Blackened Rutilated Quartz. Image Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

In a nod to both tradition and the unconventional, a blacked rutilated quartz is set in a six-prong setting with black diamond accents set in 14k gold.

Unpolished diamond rings in Dallas, Texas - Shira Diamonds - Wholesale Diamonds - Edgy Diamond Rings

An unpolished rough diamond crystal is the focal point of the Diamond Orbit engagement ring by Krikawa. Courtesy:

It's an unusual design. In this yellow gold ring, a single continuous curved prong holds a rough diamond crystal in place, an innovative design element. Yet fourteen diamonds, 0.14 carat total weight, flush set in the shank link this futuristic engagement ring to its more traditional counterparts.

Selda Okutan's Drop of Tear ring literally turns convention on its head. : Custom Upside Down Engagement Ring

Selda Okutan's Drop of Tear ring literally turns convention on its head. Courtesy: Selda Okutan

This edgy ring features a zircon mounted upside down with the culet pointing up. Just two pieces of blackened metal make up the shank and setting. The result is a minimalist ring that looks like a piece of modern art – or a medieval weapon. This is not for the faint of heart, but for those who want to make a truly avant-garde statement.

What a difference color makes – 1.63 ct black princess cut diamond set in 14K blackened gold. Courtesy: Front Jewelers,

What a difference color makes – 1.63 ct black princess cut diamond set in 14K blackened gold.

Search for "princess cut engagement rings" and you'll find many with strikingly similar designs – except they're in platinum or white gold with colorless diamonds. Use a 1.63 ct princess cut black diamond and 14K blackened gold, and you'll end up with an engagement ring that emphatically states that black is the new black.

Jewelry changes with society. In our brave new world, there are no rules. And that means there's an incredible variety and choice in engagement rings. So find that one that's perfect for your sweetheart.

Designers debuted engagement rings for 2016 this spring and summer. See what styles are trending.

More Engagement Rings

by Richard Ribacoff
Custom Round Diamond Rings at Shira Diamonds in Dallas, Texas

Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas, Texas at Shira Diamonds

Our diamond engagement ring studio/showroom is centrally located on the 8th Floor of the Galleria Towers in Dallas, Texas. Just a couple of blocks away from Galleria Mall in Dallas, Texas. We are appointment-only, so as to ensure that each client has a one-on-one experience. Kfir (Phill) will chat with you about your loose diamond question, your diamond engagement ring ideas, pendant creations, and questions about certification. We will walk you through our environmentally/socially responsible design practices. You can relax as you try on sparkly rings from our signature collection True Romance, our own Shira Diamonds Collection, and vintage collections, and our diamond stud collection. And if you'd prefer a custom diamond ring creation, Kfir ( Phill ) will explain our process, showing you his personal sketches and hand-crafted models along the way.

Shira Diamonds has the best diamond prices in the United States. We have Round Diamonds, Princess Diamonds, Cushion Diamonds, Oval Diamonds, Radiant Cut Diamonds and other shapes. We carry GIA Certified loose diamonds. The United States diamond office of Shira Diamonds has more than 8000 loose diamonds. If you would like to view our diamonds please call us at 214-707-1182.

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