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by Richard Ribacoff
Engagement Rings in Dallas Texas

Engagement Rings

What is so special about an engagement ring? Why do we go so much gaga over it? Why does the world
devote an incredible amount of time and importance to it? In all probability, you will not find a definitive
answer to these questions. Different people will have different perspective. We are loyally treading on a
traditional track that has been laid centuries back.
Yet, one cannot budge an inch from the widely accepted fact that an engagement ring is a symbol of
love, commitment, loyalty and affection. It acts as a harbinger of the message "I am taken" and that the
women is no longer available to date other men. It acts as a token of willingness to spend the rest of
their lives together as husband and wife. Needless to say, engagement rings have made an eternal place
in the hearts of all women. There can be no engagement without 'the' ring today and by 'the' we mean
a ring that is not only sophisticated, dazzling, beautiful and of a decent carat, but also that comes with a
respectable price tag.

Guide to Choosing an Engagement Ring:

1) Decide your Budget: The first step is to establish your budget. Do not come out of your comfort
zone just to show the world how much you earn. In the end, all that matters is the love you have
for her.

2) Know her Ring Size: You cannot purchase a perfect engagement ring without knowing her ring
size. You can just get a ring that she isn't wearing or ask one of her friends to help you get her
ring size.

3) Select a Gemstone: The classic choice with which you can never go wrong is the diamond. 90%
of the engagement rings feature a diamond. There is no reason why you should not choose this
elegant and timeless gemstone.

4) Know the 4 C's: Learn about the 4 C's that determine the quality and price of a diamond. The 4
C's are Color, Cut, Carat and Clarity. Diamonds are meticulously cut into 10 different shapes;
round, oval, pear, emerald, princess, asscher, heart, radiant, cushion, and marquise of which the
round is considered the most ideal choice. The cut is what gives the diamond its sparkle.
Diamond color grading is done on a scale ranging from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). Of this,
the truly colorless diamonds are rare, expensive and popular. Carat refers to the weight of the
diamond. The heavier your stone the higher will be the price. Clarity refers to the presence or
absence of imperfections or flaws in or on the stone. Diamonds that have few or no
imperfections are rare and therefore more expensive.

5) Select a Metal: A favorite choice is the platinum followed by white gold, rose gold and yellow
gold. It is necessary to have an idea of the type of metal she would love to wear. This will help
you make a quick choice.

6) Select a Ring Style and Setting: This can be a daunting task if you are unaware of what your girl
loves best. Will she love something that is sleek and contemporary or something that has an
intricate design or will she prefer something that gives a vintage feel?
Other things to consider is whether to go for custom design engagement rings and whether to go for
solitaire or solitaire with side accents. An engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime. Buying one can be
an overwhelming task for a man. However, above mentioned are few guidelines which can help you
purchase an engagement ring that will bring tears of joy in her eyes.

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