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by Richard Ribacoff
Clarity Enhanced Diamonds in Dallas Texas - Shira Diamonds

To identify laser drilled diamond is simple. Laser drilling is the process to enhance diamond clarity. It basically changes black inclusion into white, hence less noticeable with naked eyes. In this laser drilling process, tiny hole is drilled with laser which reaches to the black or colour inclusion. Laser passed through that pit melts or burns out dark inclusion and thin hairline sized hole is left behind. Another process called fracture filling helps to fill this small hole with crystal substance, thus enhance diamond clarity.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds in Dallas texas - Shira DiamondsTIPS TO IDENTIFY LASER DRILLED DIAMOND

Close Look at Patterns: Laser drilled diamond usually have thin hairline pattern from skin toward inside. To check out this tunnel use 10X diamond loupe. Below image shows parallel tunnel line and hole on facet which is caused use to laser. It is sometime hard to find for untrained person.

Use Microscope: Using microscope is the easiest way to check drilled diamond. Even tiny hole in diamond appears big in microscope. You can judge drills in diamond by checking out patters shown in below image.

Check Certificate: Clarity enhanced diamond usually abbreviated as "CE". GIA lab mention about laser drilled holes under comment section on GIA certified.


Laser drilling usually improve diamond purity by one step. For example diamond with SI2 clarity submitted under laser drilling process can be outcome as SI1 clarity. But diamond with more holes and laser tunnels, weakens its strength, thus chances of break out increases.

Use Cotton: If you own loose diamond or an engagement ring with laser drilled diamond, keep it between cotton when not in use. Cotton helps the stone from damage cause due to the force.

Prevent from hit: Handle it with care. If you lose it and get hit by hard surface, there are very good chances of damage to your stone.

Note : Laser drilled diamond without crystal or fracture filling have less value. Also Laser drilled and fracture filled diamond are cheaper than usual certified stones. I always recommend to buy stones with GIA certificate. If you are buying non certified stone. Check all the aspect before buying diamond. Also ask to expert before making final purchase.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Dallas Texas - Shira Diamonds - Wholesale Diamonds



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