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by Richard Ribacoff
Princess Cut Diamonds at Shira Diamonds Dallas - Blog


The new diamond wholesalers in Dallas, Texas

Here is a small sample list of our princess cut diamonds that we have in stock. If you would like to view our princess cut diamonds please call us at 214-707-1182.

Princess0.23JI1$ 125GIA
Princess0.23LVS1$ 170GIA
Princess0.15FVVS1$ 177GIA
Princess0.26JVVS2$ 179GIA
Princess0.17FVVS1$ 185GIA
Princess0.28DSI2$ 198GIA
Princess0.31FI1$ 205GIA
Princess0.25HSI1$ 205GIA
Princess0.28HSI2$ 210GIA
Princess0.32FI1$ 212GIA
Princess0.32FI1$ 212GIA
Princess0.32FI1$ 212GIA
Princess0.28FI1$ 213GIA
Princess0.30FI1$ 217GIA
0.23HSI1$ 222GIA

Princess0.39JSI2$ 224GIA
Princess0.28FSI2$ 227GIA
Princess0.31EI1$ 228GIA
Princess0.31EI1$ 228GIA
Princess0.30LVS1$ 231GIA
Princess0.23IVS2$ 236GIA
Princess0.30EI1$ 238GIA
Princess0.30EI1$ 238GIA
Princess0.33KVS1$ 239GIA
Princess0.28JVS1$ 242GIA
Princess0.31LVS1$ 242GIA
Princess0.30DI1$ 243GIA
Princess0.30DI1$ 249GIA
Princess0.31DI1$ 251GIA
Princess0.35MVS1$ 257GIA

Princess0.33JVVS2$ 355GIA
Princess0.31GSI2$ 356GIA
Princess0.32IIF$ 356GIA
Princess0.31GSI2$ 357GIA
Princess0.31HVS1$ 357GIA
Princess0.32ISI1$ 357GIA
Princess0.30GSI2$ 358GIA
Princess0.31IVVS1$ 358GIA
Princess0.32GSI2$ 359GIA
Princess0.31IVVS2$ 359GIA
Princess0.33JVVS2$ 359GIA
Princess0.47LSI1$ 360GIA
Princess0.33FVS1$ 361GIA
Princess0.34ISI1$ 361GIA
Princess0.49LVS1$ 361GIA

Shape Size Color Clarity Price $ Lab Cut
Princess1.00LSI2$ 1,179NONE
Princess1.00KVS2$ 1,251NONE
Princess1.03MSI1$ 1,492NONE
Princess1.01DSI2$ 1,504NONE
Princess1.01MSI2$ 1,524GIA
Princess1.00ISI1$ 1,553NONE
Princess1.00ISI2$ 1,556NONE
Princess1.01HSI2$ 1,568NONE
Princess1.01ISI1$ 1,568NONE
Princess1.01DSI2$ 1,626NONE
Princess1.08MVS2$ 1,639NONE
Princess1.05HSI2$ 1,666NONE
Princess1.00HSI2$ 1,668NONE
Princess1.04HSI2$ 1,668NONE
Princess1.16HSI2$ 1,668NONE