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by Richard Ribacoff
Custom round bezel diamond engagement rings in Dallas, Texas

Propose to the one you love with a bezel set engagement ring that has a unique setting of symmetrical diamonds through out.. Customize your engagement ring, choose through a large selection of settings, bezel set, pave set, diamond halo and many more rings.

When Shira-Diamonds.com customizes your bezel set engagement ring we like to find out as much details about the different aspects of the ring, clarity, cut, size and style so that we can make sure the engagement ring is a perfect match to your description. Take a look at this finished engagement ring created by Phill at Shira-Diamonds.com!

Custom bezel diamond engagement rings in Dallas Texas at Shira-Diamonds.com

Custom diamond engagement rings in Dallas, Texas at Shira-Diamonds.comRound Bezel Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas, Texas at Shira-Diamonds.comCustom bezel diamond rings in Dallas, Texas at Shira-Diamonds.com