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Here is just a small list of some diamonds that we have in stock. Call or text for availability at 214-336-8629. Shira Diamonds is now open to the public selling wholesale loose asscher cut diamonds directly to the public. We have GIA Asscher Cut Diamonds and EGL Certified Asscher Cut Diamonds. For our full list of asscher diamonds click the link.

Loose Asscher Cut Diamonds Dallas Texas - Wholesale Asscher Diamonds - Loose Asscher Diamonds

It is perfectly alright to covet an Asscher diamond when you want something totally unique though. Remember to check out the characteristics before handing over your hard earned money though. Asscher diamonds also happen to sport cropped corners just like the emerald cut but that does not mean that the two are identical. The square cut actually accentuates the depth of the stone and a perfect Asscher cut succeeds in drawing the eye immediately.
It is best to select a stone of good quality according to your budget when you are looking for Asscher diamonds. A color grading H is perfect for this cut although opting for an I is not quite advisable as more color is retained by this cut than the classic ones. VS2 will do when you are looking for clarity, however. Remember that you will only end up paying an exorbitant price when insisting on SI1 and SI2 grades as this particular cut is not known for its brilliance unlike the round or Princess cut. The inclusions are clearly visible in an Asscher diamond and you need to select one where such inclusions are obscure and not quite in the middle of the stone.

Loose Asscher Cut Diamond Specials in Dallas, Texas

1.06ct Asscher Cut Diamond G VS1 $4000.00 EGL Certified

2.16ct Asscher Cut Diamond I VS2 $13,000.00 GIA Certified

2.22ct Asscher Cut Diamond G SI1 $16,500.00 GIA Certified

2.60ct Asscher Cut Diamond G SI1 $21,000.00 GIA Certified

Our Full List of Asscher Cut Diamonds is Here