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1 Carat Cushion Diamonds Dallas

1 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond : EGL Certified H Si1 : Cushion Cut Diamonds : Loose Cushion Diamond : Wholesale Prices : Dallas, TX

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SD-189: 1 Carat Cushion Diamond
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1 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond at Shira Diamonds in Dallas, Texas1 Carat Cushion Diamond Dallas - Wholesale Cushion Diamonds - best Cushion Diamonds in Dallas Texas

Cushion cut diamonds first appeared around the 1800s. They remained popular with the rich and wealthy until the late 1900s when they slipped out of fashion.

Since then, these diamond rings have become more and more difficult to source, but have started appearing again in jewellers.

Each cushion cut diamond is unique, and so can make an engagement ring extra special. When buying cushion cut engagement rings the most important thing to look for is the facets. This can make a big difference to the overall look of the stone. Large facets can give a really striking effect as the light shines through the stone. This is the traditional way a cushion cut diamond is cut. On the other hand, smaller facets can give a smoother look to the stone, giving more of a crushed ice effect.

One thing to point out when looking at cushion cut engagement rings is due to the shape, there tends to be more diamond required to create the same perceived size as other cuts. This is because to get the desired shape with the correct facets, these stones need to be quite deep, and so more of the stone is “lost" when looking at the top of it that with other cuts. This means cushion cut engagement rings tend to be more expensive.

Although cushion cut engagement rings are becoming more mainstream, they can still prove difficult to find as many high street jewellers do not stock them. It's worth phoning around your local jewellers to try to find one near by for you to look at, as these unique rings need to be seen for their true beauty to be appreciated.

This 1 carat cushion cut diamond is a 1.01 carat a little over a 1 carat cushion diamond with H color and an si1 clarity. If you have any questions about this diamond please call or text 214-336-8629.

Cushion Cut Diamonds Dallas - Best Cushion Diamonds in Dallas


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Thank you guys for showing me a ton of loose diamonds. I found the perfect cushion cut diamond at your store for the right price! Great service and top notch selection.

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