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Loose Heart Diamonds Dallas

Loose Heart Diamond F Si2 1.22ct : Loose Heart Diamonds Dallas

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SD-0400: Loose Heart Diamonds Tx
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Loose Heart Diamonds Dallas

1.22ct F SI2 Certified Heart Diamond $2200.00 at Shira Diamonds Dallas

Wholesale heart diamonds dallas - loose heart diamonds - 1 carat heart diamond texas Loose Heart Diamonds for sale in Dallas, Texas at Shira Diamonds. We have 100s of loose diamonds and custom diamond rings in stock. If you would like to view our heart diamonds please call or text 214-336-8629. This heart diamond is priced to sell at $2200.00. The diamond is a 1.22ct F SI2.

Heart is the universal symbol of love and nowhere is it more evident than in a heart diamond. This particular cut requires the skills of an expert diamond craftsman though. A diamond where the cleft between the two lobes happen to be sharply pronounced and where the lower curves meet each other perfectly giving the stone a slightly rounded look at the bottom is considered to be the best possible shape of a heart diamond.

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  • SI2
  • VVS1
  • F
  • Heart

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