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3 Carat Round Diamond F SI1 : Wholesale Diamonds Addison, Texas


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SDR-0003: 3 Carat Round Addison
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Wholesale Diamonds Addison

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Wholesale Round Diamonds Addison - Wholesale Diamonds - 3 Carat Diamonds Wholesale diamonds for sale in Addison, Texas. Shira Diamonds Dallas are the newest diamond dealers in Addison, Texas and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. This round diamond is a 3 Carat round diamond with F in color and Si1 Clarity. If you would like to view our loose round diamonds please give us a call or text at 214-336-8629.

The original round brilliant-cut was developed by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. The modern round brilliant consists of 58 facets (or 57 if the culet is excluded), ordinarily today cut in two pyramids placed base to base: 33 on the crown (the top half above the middle or girdle of the stone), truncated comparatively near its base by the table, and 25 on the pavilion (the lower half below the girdle), which has only the apex cut off to form the culet, around which 8 extra facets are sometimes added. In recent decades, most girdles are faceted. Many girdles have 32, 64, 80, or 96 facets; these facets are not counted in the total. While the facet count is standard, the actual proportions (crown height and angle, pavilion depth, etc.) are not universally agreed upon. Some gem cutters refer to an American brilliant cut or a Scandinavian brilliant cut


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