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Round Diamonds

About Wholesale Round Diamonds at Shira Diamonds Dallas, Texas

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Round Diamonds Dallas - Wholesale Round Diamonds Dallas - Loose Round Diamonds DallasAre you looking for Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds? At Shira Diamonds in Dallas, Texas we have a large selection of GIA wholesale round cut diamond inventory with the best prices in town. Call us for more information about our round diamonds, as inventory changes daily. Our number is 214-336-8629. Please make sure your diamond has a certificate with online verification.

The Round Brilliant Cut Today:

The contemporary round brilliant diamond is comprised of 58 facets (57 with the culet excluded). The top portion of the diamond is termed crown, whereas the bottom of the diamond is termed pavilion. The largest facet is on the top and is also referred to as the table and the smallest facet is at the base and is known as the culet. The symmetrically balanced shape permits maximum light to be reflected back to the observer.

Wholesale Round diamonds in Dallas, Texas at Shira Diamonds Dallas. this is a 1 carat loose round diamond. If you would like to view our loose round diamonds please call or text 214-336-8629 or visit www.shira-diamonds.com We have 100s of loose wholesale round diamonds in stock.

Round Cut Diamonds

Round diamonds are traditionally the first and most popular diamond that's given as a symbol of commitment. They have a classic uniform and symmetrical shape. Round diamonds have 58 facets, that qualify them a brilliant cut. Their faceting also makes color and inclusions appear better than other fancy shapes. Over 50% of all diamonds purchased are round cut diamonds. They are overwhelming a popular selection for engagement rings and bridal jewelry.

Round Diamond History & Origins

Technological advances have improved the process of cutting diamonds and today we can enjoy the 58 facet round diamond cut. Its circular shape showcases 58 different eye catching facets of the diamond. It maximizes and catches the light from all angles which is why it is popularly referred to as round brilliant diamond. The round cut is the most popular shape of all the well known cuts in gemstones. It is easily identified and lends itself to every occasion night or day and every wearer, young or old, contemporary or traditional.

The search for the cut to showcase the facets of the diamond gemstone's radiance and brilliance has led the way to many new cuts throughout the years. For many years the technology or the machinery simply did not exist for the round cut diamond. The invention of the bruting machine towards the end of the 1800s, made possible the round cut. Before the circular cut was invented diamonds sported a cushion cut popular in Europe. In 1919 the circular cut went through another transformation with Marcel Tolkowsky's Diamond Design Thesis.

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