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Loose Diamonds For sale in Dallas Texas

Round Brilliant Diamond 1.52ct H VS1 EGLUSA Certified : Loose Diamonds for Sale in Dallas : Wholesale Loose Diamonds

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SD-2066: Loose Diamonds for Sale
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Round Brilliant Diamond 1.52ct H VS1 EGLUSA Certified.

Loose Diamonds for Sale in Dallas, Texas

Loose Diamonds for Sale in Dallas TexasLooking for a jewelry store in Dallas, Texas that sells loose diamonds? At Shira Diamonds we don't consider ourselves a jewelry store. We manufacture diamonds and sell them directly to the public. We have diamond cutting facilitis in Shanghai and Israel.

This Round Brilliant Diamond is Certified by EGL USA and has H in Color and VS1 Clarity. If you have any questions about our diamonds or engagement rings please give us a text or call at 214-336-8629. The price of this loose diamond for sale is $9800.00.

Loose round diamonds for sale in Dallas Texas

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  • VS1
  • H
  • Round

The Four C's

VS1 ( Very Slight Included )
Excellent Cut
Great selection on loose diamonds and engagement rings.