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Round Diamonds in Dallas Texas

Round Diamond 4 Carat E SI1 : Ideal Cut Diamonds : Excellent Cut Diamonds : Wholesale Diamonds : Loose Diamonds : Dallas


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SD-3345: 4 Carat Round Diamond
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4 Carat Round Diamonds in Dallas, Texas

Shira Diamonds - Wholesale Diamonds & Engagement Rings

4 Carat Round Diamonds in Dallas : Diamond Dealers in Dallas : Wholesale Diamonds : Loose Round Diamonds

Looking for a 4 carat round cut diamond in Dallas, Texas? At Shira Diamonds in Dallas, Texas we design and create custom engagement rings. This round cut diamond is certified by EGL. If you would like to view our loose diamonds please give us a call or text at 214-336-8629.

This Loose Round 4 Carat Diamond is exactly 4 carats even with E in color and SI1 in Clartiy. Please if you have any questions please feel free to text us at 214-336-8629 or click the link to call. The price for this diamond is $28000.00.

Round Cut Diamonds in Dallas Texas - Diamond Dealer - Wholesale Diamonds - Engagement Rings


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  • SI1
  • E
  • Round

The Four C's

SI1 ( Slightly Included )
Excellent Cut
Great prices and great selection of loose diamonds. Shira has wonderful staff and hellpful with picking out a diamond and engagement ring.

Dallas, Texas