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8 Carat Round Diamonds in Dallas Texas

Round Diamond 8.16ct E Si2 : Round Brilliant Diamond : 8 Carat Round Diamond : Non Certified : Dallas, Tx



SDA1004: 8 Carat Round Diamond
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The Round Brilliant Cut Today:

The contemporary round brilliant diamond is comprised of 58 facets (57 with the culet excluded). The top portion of the diamond is termed crown, whereas the bottom of the diamond is termed pavilion. The largest facet is on the top and is also referred to as the table and the smallest facet is at the base and is known as the culet. The symmetrically balanced shape permits maximum light to be reflected back to the observer.

This round diamond is a beautiful 8 Carat ( 8.16ct ) E Color and Si2 Clarity. The diamond is non certified but, can be sent to GIA laboratories for diamond grading. If you would like to view this 8 carat round brilliant cut diamond please contact us at 214-707-1182.

The Four C's

SI2 ( Slightly Included )