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SDA1006: Trillion Diamond Dallas
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Trillion cut diamonds or triangle diamonds are offbeat stones shaped like a triangle. Also known as trilliant cut, and a trillian, this particular diamond cut varies quite a bit due to its various curved and uncurved surfaces. The cut had been introduced in 1962 by the makers of the Asscher cut and was later trademarked. The patent has, however, expired at present and any gem stone with a triangular cut is now referred to as a trilliant. The non-branded diamonds shaped like a triangle are referred to as either Triangular Brilliant or as Triangular Modified Brilliant by the GIA. The uncurved variety of triangle diamond usually has a length to width ratio of 1.1 with uncurved sides. The brilliance and fire of a Trillion diamond is also emphasized, if the depth of the stone is proper. The triangle cut is not used as the center piece of an engagement ring or a solitaire though and is usually found as accent stones on both sides of a larger center diamond that may of various shapes. Whitney Houston wore a huge oval cut diamond with prominent trillion side stones on her engagement to Bobby Brown.

This Trillion Cut Diamond is a 6.31ct D Si2 Non Certified with the measurements of 15.59x13.95x5.64. If you would like to view our trillion diamonds please call 214-707-1182.

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SI2 ( Slightly Included )