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10 Classic Diamond Rings For The Timeless Bride

Whether for an engagement or a wedding, nothing is more important than diamond rings. How do you know if the ring is “the one”?

Guides To Follow While Looking For The Perfect Classic Diamond Ring

Choosing the perfect diamond ring needs ample research. You should consider this as an important investment.

Here are basic guidelines you can follow as you choose the perfect diamond ring.

1. The Best Diamond Ring Design Starts With Shape

Deciding on shape can set the tone right for your ring.

Having a diamond shape in mind will already narrow down your choices. You can move on to the other 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat).

Every shape has its own price, and with a more specific price per carat.

    • Round – This shape is popular for its classic appeal. The round diamond gives off the most sparkle through reflecting light.
    • Princess – The princess cut diamond stands out for its square or rectangular sides.
    • Cushion – Much like a pillow, cushion cuts have square but rounded sides that make the diamond shine.
    • Emerald – Emerald cuts have long and angled lines with cropped corners. Simple with a rectangular cut, it boasts of clarity that a diamond ring needs.
    • Oval – Oval cuts bring as much sparkle as round shapes do. It’s an elongated circle that gives more depth to your diamond ring.

2. Choose Your Band

After deciding on what diamond you want for your ring, next comes the band.

You can choose from a lot of metals. Common choices can be gold, platinum, or silver.

Bands can also differ on how fast it can get scratched so make sure to consider lifestyle and activity.

Platinum is popular because of its hypoallergenic properties that work with sensitive skin. It may look like silver but platinum is more expensive because of its density.

Gold comes in a lot of colors, so you can choose from white, yellow, rose, or green. You can even combine gold with platinum for a more distinct look.

3. Work Within Your Budget

There is a myth going around that you should at least spend three months of your salary for a ring. It’s a myth for a reason.
It’s a marketing strategy so people would spend more on engagement and wedding rings. You and your partner should be the only ones to decide how much your rings will be.

If you want a big ring, you can trade carats for a larger surface of a diamond.

If you do not want to sacrifice the look of your ring, you can buy a diamond short of a few carats, like a 1.8 instead of a 2.

This will help you save on your budget without scrimping on clarity.

4. Buy Certified

Buy your wedding ring from certified jewelers.

There are certifiers like the Jewelers of America or the Gemological Institute of America.

If you buy diamonds with one carat or more, it should come with a diamond report. It can be from GIA or the American Gem Society. It would include notes about cut, color, clarity, carat, and other enhancements.

When you do get a certificate, you can verify everything written there. It’s recommended to check for laser inscription on the girdle of the diamond.

Check to see if the inscription matches the certificate details.

You can check GIA-certified diamonds from our shop at Shira Diamonds.

Diamond Rings For Weddings, Shira Diamonds

Recommended Classic Diamond Rings

The choices available for you and your partner are limitless but you can start with classic ones.

Jewelers have seen that couples tend to gravitate towards designs that speak to them. More and more people opt for simpler, less flashy ring styles for them.

Here are some diamond ring selections we rounded up for you.

1. Classic Four Prong Ring

This ring’s band is two millimeters wide, giving it a classic look fit for anyone’s hand.

The four prong solitaire can fit any diamond shape you would like, round, princess, or pear shapes.

2. Twisting Solitaire Diamond Ring

To add to the solitaire feature, the band twists for a more vintage look.

Perfect for those looking for organic and classic styles. You can also pair it off with a rose or yellow gold band.

3. Trellis Solitaire Princess Diamond Ring

With this trellis solitaire style, the diamond is raised to give more dimension. You can see a more visible sparkle to the diamond.

The trellis comes off as a weave for added look and depth.

4. Traditional Pave Diamond Ring

Aside from the center diamond, there are five accent diamonds in the band for extra shine. Its thin band makes it very suitable for stacking with other rings as well.

5. Ridged Pave Diamond Ring

Like the traditional pave style, there are accent diamonds in the band.

The side part is in a ridge form, to give more shape and detail. The elegant design makes it very suitable for formal attires.

6. Under Bezeled Accent Diamond Ring

Your main diamond sits atop a bezel setting, which sets it apart from other rings.

There are not five, but ten accent diamonds in the band for all out style.

7. French Cut Pave Diamond Ring

The thin band will blow you away with the beautiful French cut diamonds placed in it. This complements the main diamond rather than over stage it.

8. Plain Shank Halo Diamond Ring

A diamond halo encircles the center diamond for a timeless yet sophisticated feel.

9. Side Stone Diamond Ring

Set apart from the paved style rings, this side stone diamond ring leans on structure and a defined band.

10. Grace Solitaire Diamond Ring

The ring band takes a cue from cathedral windows, all while giving the diamond elevation. This is a unique twist to the solitaire style of the ring.

Choose a Ring that Speaks to You and Your Partner

Your diamond ring will stand as a great symbol of love and devotion. Trends, even on diamond rings, will change over time and that should not dictate the style or cost.

It will ultimately be you and your partner that gets to decide what will be perfect.

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