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About Treated Diamonds : Clarity Enhanced Diamonds : Shira Diamonds in Dallas

Treated Diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth that are formed naturally. It takes more than a billion years for the coal to reach the diamond stage though. It is therefore little wonder that this brilliant sparkling stone is valued so highly. The flawless or the best quality diamond is supposed to be colorless
that sparkles with an inner fire. The presence of color may be due to certain impurities known as inclusions that often lower the value of the diamond drastically.

Treated Diamonds About Treated Diamonds Shira Diamonds, Shira Diamonds

While a diamond is priced according to the 4Cs, it is important to know that a natural diamond cannot have a duplicate. Each stone is unique and it is this rarity that makes it priceless. You could opt to buy a treated diamond also known as an enhanced diamond, in case you do not have the budget for a
diamond that is 100% natural. The term enhanced here does not denote the superiority of the stone, however, it is instead a piece of diamond that has been treated artificially in order to remove its flaws and improve the look.

There are a number of treatments or enhancements practiced on a naturally occurring stone though. The Laser drilling method is an oft used method that helps in improving the clarity of a diamond by removing all inclusions. The procedure does leave its mark in the form of tiny trails, however, that are visible under magnification. Chemicals are also injected into the diamond sometimes to bleach the faint color. This process will enhance the clarity for a long time but diamond experts are doubtful about the integrity of such diamonds that affects the value.

There are no signs of treatment when you choose to go for a fracture filling where a resin like substance is added to the natural cracks of the diamond making it appear almost flawless. The process is strictly temporary though as exposure to heat, cleaning substances, and even sunlight may cause the diamond to resort to its natural state with time, diminishing its value greatly in the process. The HPHT process formulated by General Electrical (GE) is yet another method to convert the yellow or brown stones into colorless diamonds. The process involves submitting the diamond to high temperature and pressure within a chamber. All GE diamonds enhanced in such a manner come with an inscription of GE POL.

Detecting a treated diamond is not an easy task though. It is always better to request the advice of a diamond expert when you are determined to buy a diamond as investment. The enhanced diamonds can almost always be detected, if you know how to go about it. The tell tale tunnels of laser drilling and the flashes of light in a diamond that has undergone fracture filling are just two instances of finding out the truth. The gemologists recommend viewing the diamond in question as a loose stone in order to detect treatments instead of trying to find out the genuineness of a diamond that has been set as a part of jewelry.

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