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What You Need To Know About G Color Diamonds

The right color of a diamond is one of the prime considerations when someone purchases a diamond because it typically reflects the owner’s personality and style.

G diamonds, though far from the colorless D range, is a phenomenal choice for diamond buyers.

Shira diamonds offer G diamonds that are generally cheaper but offer outstanding beauty.

They are diamonds that are the highest grade in the near-colorless range.

They display a faint yellow tint that is not noticeable in a normal environment without bright lighting and special equipment.

GIA Color, Cut, and Clarity Charts in Perspective

There are three important tools we use to compare diamonds and to determine diamond prices.

They also measure the 3 important qualities of a diamond, according to GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

The GIA diamond color chart ranges from D to Z (D is as colorless as naturally possible). The most highly valued diamonds have no color. The color ranges are:

  • D – F: Colorless
  • G – J: Near Colorless
  • K – M: Faint
  • N – R: Very Light
  • S – Z: Light

The diamond cut chart or scale determines the cut grade of standard diamonds taking into account the design and craftsmanship of the diamond.

The diamond clarity scale with 6 categories and 11 specific grades evaluates the purity of a piece of diamond.

The better the clarity grade of a diamond, the purer it is which means that it has almost no inclusions or blemishes. In a nutshell, the scale is divided into:

  • Flawless (FL)
  • Internally Flawless (IF)
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2)
  • Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2)
  • Slightly Included (S1 and S2)
  • Included (I1, I2, I3)

G Color Diamond Si1 Shira Diamonds 300x300, Shira Diamonds

Comparing G Diamonds with Other Diamond Color Grades


Our customers often worry that the diamonds they buy are below the colorless range (D, E, F).

But we do not push them to buy the more expensive diamonds nor do we exaggerate that color is very important when buying a diamond.

We let our diamond buyers understand that there isn’t much difference between a D color diamond and a G color diamond that is perfectly cut.

With a perfect cut, the facet patterns of a diamond and their ability to reflect light are almost the same for the D and G color diamonds.

This is especially true for the round brilliant cut that is great at concealing differences of color in a diamond, even the one with a lower color grade.

The difference may be very clear when seen under a brightly lit laboratory setting with specialized equipment to view the diamond piece up to 30x magnification but in a real-life setting, your naked eye cannot tell the difference. It is amazingly indistinguishable.


G Color Diamond Prices

Shira Diamonds have G Color Diamonds with a competitive price especially those who take budget a number one consideration when purchasing a diamond.

You can get a 0.90 Carat VS2 clarity G color diamond for $2,400 compared to an F color diamond with the same carat weight which will cost you $2,900.

With a G color diamond, you get a full $500 lesser price or a 17% reduction.

You can get the best bang for your buck from purchasing quality G diamonds from Shira Diamonds.

We would like to give you an idea of the prices of our G Diamonds with the different carat weights and clarity grades:

  • 1 Ct Round G Color Diamond IF: $8000 – $9,500
  • 1 Ct Round G Color Diamond VVS1: $6,500 – $9000
  • 1 Ct Round G Color Diamond VVS2: $6,500 – $8000
  • 1 Ct Round G Color Diamond VS1: $6000 – $8000
  • 1 Ct Round G Color Diamond VS2: $5,500 – $7,500
  • 1 Ct Round G Color Diamond SI1: $5000 – $6000
  • 1 Ct Round G Color Diamond SI2: $4000 – $5000

Based on these prices, you can guess that a G diamond with a lesser carat weight will be cheaper while 2 carat G diamonds will cost more.

For example, a VS1 clarity grade G color diamond will cost you $22000 – $32000.

It is also wise to take note that fancy shaped diamonds can knock out an extra 20%-40% from these prices.

The diamond shapes that would give you extra savings on your G color diamond are Princess, Radiant Cut, Cushion, Heart, and Emerald.

Get Your Brilliant G Diamonds from Shira Diamonds

Buying your diamonds online from Shira Diamonds will give you a 32% to 50% cheaper price than buying them from traditional retail or brick-and-mortar jewelers.

This is because we do not let you cover overhead prices.

Furthermore, you can access our wide selection of GIA and AGS certified G color diamonds and our customized diamond jewelry designs.

With Shira Diamonds, you don’t have to spend more than you need for a stunning G color diamond.

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