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Diamond Broker : Learn To Be A Diamond Broker in Dallas, Texas

Learn To Be a Diamond Broker in Dallas, Texas

Diamonds are enormously popular as gem stones that are used by the jewelry industry. While it is
perfectly feasible for an individual to visit a diamond jewelry store or even select the coveted item
online, a few rare diamonds are available as a part of the jewelry collections of erstwhile rulers and
other celebrities. People who keep a tab on the buying, selling, and other news related to the diamond
industry and keep contact in order to trade diamonds at a profit are known as diamond brokers.
Earning your livelihood by becoming a diamond broker is hard work indeed! You get to make good
money, of course and travel across the world trying to buy and sell valuable diamonds but finding
yourself in the middle of a war torn region or a part of a conflict is possible as well. It is certainly not a
career for the weak hearted and you have to be in touch with the ups and downs of the diamond
industry constantly while brushing up your knowledge about diamonds whenever you can. It is not
mandatory to set out on a lone diamond trail always though and you can well become a part of a cartel
in order to flourish as a diamond broker.

However, there are certain rules that you must be aware of while trying to make a profit out of
diamonds. They include:-

Learning the diamond trade well is mandatory here. Assessing diamonds, valuation of good stones as
well as bargaining confidently with diamond cutters is a part and parcel of the diamond broker’s life. It
might help to start your career by working for the retail or wholesale jewelry industry as it will serve as a
learning experience. Attending training programs at International Gemological Institute or ‘The Antwerp
Diamond High Council’s Institute of Gemology’ will certainly help you to move forward in your chosen

There is no need to relocate anywhere though. Diamonds are popular throughout the world and you can
make your name as a professional diamond broker at any place in the world particularly where the
demand remains high all the year round. The next step would be to apply and obtain all the credentials
required of a broker who deals in diamonds especially the ones that the local authorities insist on. You
would need to set up your own office next and make the necessary investments. Security is of
paramount importance too. Remember that you may have to keep valuable diamonds for client
visitation occasionally. It makes sense, therefore, to invest in a strong and sturdy commercial safe. Be
sure to keep yourself and your assets well covered by insurance even before you start making profits.
Your liabilities may, however, be protected later on, should you become a corporation.

Getting acquainted with the industry is a vital part of your job and you need to have no stone uncovered
in this area. Do not forget to visit some of the prime areas housing diamond mines (Australia, Russia,
China, Africa, Israel, Dallas, ) either. Contacting the master craftsmen of India, Belgium, New York, and Israel is
imperative too. You can choose to get affiliated to one of the largest diamond distribution companies

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