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Perfectly Designed Diamond Jewelry For Working Moms

Working Moms have a lot of going on in their life. It can be tough for them to find any free time in between juggling family and career responsibilities.

One way to help relieve them of the burden they carry daily is to give them a lovely and thoughtful gift.

A good gift can be perfectly designed diamond jewelry for working moms, which can be very effective especially if you find the right one for them.

Jewelry Designs and Diamonds

Perfect Jewelry Gift Ideas For Moms Shira Diamonds 300x200, Shira DiamondsJewelry is a perfect jewelry gift idea for moms that has a long lifespan and great retainable value. There can be a lot of choices: necklaces, rings, earrings, and broaches.

And the value and effect of your gift greatly change with what gem or stone you will choose to adorn the jewelry you’ll give. Diamonds are, of course, one of the best choices.

It works well with all precious metals, and you can custom order the cut, size, clarity, shapes, and design to match your mother’s personality and preference.

Choosing the right type of jewelry to match the diamond will definitely make your mom appreciate the gift, and each has its advantages over the other.


Earrings are a very versatile option. Your mom can wear them anywhere. A good earring can display elegance without having to look over-the-top.

The most popular choices for moms are studs or drop earrings: both can showcase the diamond you’ll choose to go with them.

A good option for the gem’s cut is the princess cut. A stud with a princess cut is timeless and can match a hardworking mom well.

While these cuts were often used for engagements, they are now very popular as choices for earrings.

Necklaces and Pendants

Another choice is neck jewelry, as it can accentuate the wearer’s neck and face, especially with brilliant gems. It also pairs well with earrings for a matching set.

Necklaces are just one of the best jewelry gifts for a wife. You can give a pendant such as a heart-shaped one accentuated with gold.

A princess-cut diamond can also shine well in a pendant paired with a yellow gold necklace.

Family birthstone necklace for mom is a clever way to express your endless love. This custom gift will show just how amazing she is!

Diamond Bracelets

Like earrings, bracelets are jewelry which she can wear on any occasion and almost any outfit.

She can wear a diamond bracelet for anniversaries, birthdays, and Mother’s Day.

One popular choice is a tennis bracelet. It’s simple enough to allow the gems like diamonds on it to be at full display.

You can opt for a 13-diamond bracelet or even go for more such as a 54-diamond bracelet.

Mother’s Rings: Are They Still Popular?

Jewelry Designs For Working Moms Shira Diamonds 300x221, Shira DiamondsLike engagement rings, unique mothers rings remain popular and now have a variety of designs.

Over a decade ago, mother’s rings were simple bands with birthstones and nothing else.

Now, even the mother’s rings can sport diamonds and fancy designs to fit those special occasions.

While mother’s rings aren’t often talked about, they are a unique choice that can make your mom stand out in a crowd.

We understand that a lot of buyers today look for something unique.

ou can achieve that by choosing matching diamonds and birthstones.

Rings with 1–12 birthstones are a popular choice. You can display brilliant shades of topaz, alexandrite, or sapphire matched with an array of diamonds to fill out the ring.

The Cost

Not only are mother’s rings now more modern, but they also fetch a budget friendly price.

Most mother’s rings are at the cost of $50, with the higher end ones reaching $250. You can opt to spend more depending on your choices of metal, gems, and diamonds.

If you are going for a 14k gold engraved gem, the cost of the band could be around $200.

Ones with 14k gold are a good choice since they are more lustrous and can come in different colors.

The price gets even higher if you match it with high-quality gemstones. The most expensive gemstones include garnet and alexandrite, which cost more per carat compared to other gems.

The highest quality can reach $500 per carat.

For more affordable options, you can go for sterling silver bands and synthetic gemstones.

You can also go for a large design to help the ring stand out. A large band with many gemstones and engravings is an option.

You can also go for a ring decorated with diamonds, forming shapes like hearts.

Other Great Gift Variations For Mom

Shira Diamonds CTA Button For Blog 04 2 E1604625572199, Shira DiamondsJewelry often falls into a few categories, but many designs can help your mom stand out. Here are some other gifts to think about:

1. Sprinkle Necklace: a gold necklace resembling a chain but decorated with diamonds in intervals evokes a casual yet classy feel.
2. Narrow Band Rings: a narrow band isn’t flashy but can be as extravagant as a large gemmed one. It’s simple enough to be worn anywhere and fits well with diamonds.
3. Floral/Vined Themed Jewelry: one trend that’s been very popular for mothers is vine-themed jewelry. It looks and feels very organic, straying far from tradition to showcase uniqueness.

Whatever the season or the reason, perfectly designed diamond jewelry for working moms is always a possibility.

Look towards more modern styles to help reflect the modern working woman of today. Your mom will appreciate the gift and will wear it often.

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