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Loose Emerald Cut Diamonds Dallas

Loose GIA Diamonds and Emerald Cut Diamonds Dallas

Emerald_Cut_Diamonds_-_Shira_Diamonds_Dallas (1) Loose Emerald Cut Diamonds in Dallas, Texas at Shira Diamonds Dallas. We have 100s of loose diamonds and custom diamond rings in Dallas, Texas. If you would like to view our loose diamonds and custom diamond rings please give us a call at 214-466-1776.

This emerald cut diamond is D in Color and VS1 Clarity. This diamond is priced to sell at $4500. If you would like to view our loose emerald diamonds please call or text 214-466-1776.

The emerald diamond cannot compete with the brilliance of a round diamond though. It is in fact, a step cut diamond with fewer facets than the stones known for their brilliance and fire. The wide plane of an emerald cut diamond resembles a staircase, hence the term. The stone is noted for its understated sophistication and had been known to grace the fingers of many members of royalty throughout history. The present day celebrities are not averse to it either. George Clooney actually designed and presented a 7 carat emerald diamond ring set in platinum to Amal Alamuddin, his wife. It is very rare to find a flawless emerald cut diamond though. Most of them contain numerous inclusions and color inconsistency making it all the more important to inspect the diamond carefully and opt for high grades of color and clarity while purchasing such a diamond. Emerald diamonds that are very deeply cut often look larger in comparison to round, princess, and radiant cuts having the same carat weight.


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