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by Richard Ribacoff
Custom Engagement Rings Dallas

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Custom Engagement Rings

We are not your typical jewelry store in Dallas, Texas. We are 3rd generation diamond dealers located in the heart of Dallas Fort Worth. What sets us apart is our amazing fine diamond jewelry selection and unbeatable wholesale diamond prices. We carry a very large selection of loose diamonds, engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, and we are experts at custom jewelry. We also pay

top dollar to customers that are interested in selling or consigning their unwanted diamond jewelry. We are by appointment only so please fill out our contact form to get started.

If you are looking for wholesale diamonds in Dallas then Shira Diamonds Dallas has you covered. We carry every shape and every size diamond. Our goal is to get you the best deals on diamond jewelry based on your budget. When customers come to us looking for engagement rings or diamond earrings we show them in detail exactly what they are buying. We offer high-quality GIA certified diamonds including round diamonds, princess cut diamonds, emerald diamonds, oval diamonds, radiant diamonds, marquise diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, asscher cut diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, and more. Schedule an appointment today by simply filling out our contact form or by calling us today at 214-336-8629.

Wholesale Diamonds And Engagement Rings Dallas, TX

If you are wanting the best place to buy and sell diamonds & engagement rings in Dallas, TX then come to Shira Diamonds Dallas. There are hundreds of jewelry stores in the Dallas, Texas and an unlimited supply of online retailers that promise great deals on diamond jewelry. We truly believe that when you are shopping for wholesale diamonds and engagement rings that our selection and prices cannot be beaten. Customers often come to us after they have shopped online and wonder if we can match or beat the prices. The answer is "Yes". Because of the internet, we work with a lot of very educated customers. It is very hard to shop for diamonds online because you cannot see the true brilliance of a diamond from a picture on the computer. When you work with us you are working with diamond wholesalers that are open to direct consumers. Shira Diamonds Dallas allows you to eliminate the middleman. One benefit you have when shopping with us for custom diamond rings is we will let you compare the diamonds side by side. This will allow you to see how the diamonds really shine in person. We will also show you the diamonds and any inclusions under a microscope. We offer diamonds that are GIA certified as well as uncertified diamonds that might allow for a price break. If you have zero knowledge of diamonds we are more than happy to educate you on the cut, color, and clarity. We can also offer you our expert opinion on how to shop for diamonds. The next step in finding the perfect diamond is to fill out our contact form to get started today.

Best Jewelry Stores in Dallas, Texas

Dallas Fort Worth has been known as the diamond capital of the Texas. There is not any shortage of jewelry stores to buy and sell diamonds in the Dallas. Shira Diamonds Dallas is the BEST jewelry store for all of your diamond jewelry needs. Whether you want to buy your girlfriend the diamond engagement ring of her dreams or sell an old piece of jewelry that no longer serves you, we have you covered! Fill out our contact form today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts. We carry a huge selection of diamond jewelry with wholesale prices that cannot be beaten. People come to us often that have no idea what they are wanting. That is perfectly fine because our showroom in the heart of the Lone Star State has a very wide selection of loose diamonds, exquisite diamond rings, unique diamond jewelry pieces, extravagant necklaces, and one-of-a-kind diamond earrings! One the other hand, if you know exactly what you want we can create it! We specialize in making custom jewelry. Bring in a picture of the type of jewelry that you like and we can easily replicate it. Shop from our enormous collection of loose diamonds and use them to create your jewelry. The best thing about shopping with Shira Diamonds Dallas is our wholesale prices. We are known for our amazing prices on diamond jewelry. When you work with us you are shopping directly with wholesale diamond dealers. Fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment today.

Custom Engagement Rings Dallas

Engagement Rings Dallas

Custom Engagement Rings
Thank You for visiting Shira Diamonds Dallas. We are wholesale diamond dealers located in the heart of the Lone Star State in Dallas, Texas. If you are looking for the best engagement rings Dallas has to offer then you are at the right place! We are 3rd generation diamond experts and we are here to make your dreams a reality.
We are by appointment only so schedule your appointment with Shira Diamonds Dallas today by filling out our contact form or by calling us today at 214-336-8629.

Wholesale Diamonds Dallas - Wholesale engagement Rings Dallas

How To Shop For Engagement Rings in Dallas:

When you are shopping for engagement rings the idea should be to get the perfect ring! There are a lot of options available so you want to make sure you get this right. When you visit our jewelry store we will impress you with our selection, our capabilities, and our prices. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting an engagement ring:

  • What is her favorite shape diamond? This will be the main diamond in the engagement ring. Hopefully, she has told you what her favorite shape diamond is by now. If a girl's favorite shape diamond is a pear diamond, then you will want to get her a pear. The goal when shopping for an engagement ring should be to get the biggest and nicest diamond for your budget. When you shop with Shira Diamonds Dallas we will proudly show you our selection of center diamonds. There is a lot that goes into determining the price of a diamond including carat size, color, and clarity. We carry all diamond shapes and we have stones available to help fit any budget. We will help educate you on the diamonds and you will be able to compare our selection.
  • What type of setting does she like? Some ladies are very simple and want a single solitaire ring. Other ladies want something more extravagant. There are so many options available when picking out a setting for an engagement ring. Some examples are solitaires, halos, split shanks, wide rings, petite rings, multi-band rings, etc. So the options really are limitless. At Shira Diamonds Dallas we have hundreds of engagement ring styles to choose from. Our expert jewelers are here to help you every step of the way. We are also experts at creating one-of-a-kind custom engagement rings. Also, if you have no idea what she wants you can always propose with a simple solitaire setting and then come back and let her choose a setting that she will love!

  • Dallas Engagement Rings At Wholesale Prices

    Shira Diamonds Dallas is not your regular jewelry store that you might see at the mall or on commercials. We truly are wholesale diamond dealers with deep roots in the diamond trading industry. The types of diamonds and engagement rings that we have available are often very unique and one-of-a-kind. Once you have figured out the type of diamond and setting that you are in the market for it is time to get a fantastic deal. When you visit Shira Diamonds Dallas this will be a very private and exclusive experience. Our diamond experts will discuss with you in detail all the aspects of the diamond engagement rings that you will be viewing. When we work with our customers our goal is to always get them the ultimate ring for the ultimate price.


I found exactly what I was looking for at Shira diamonds. The absolute best experience buying diamonds from Kfir. Great price and best quality! Thank you for my amazing and sparkling earrings!

Dallas, Texas
After spending weeks trying to find the right engagement ring I finally found Shira Diamonds and Kfir. The selection was the best around. Kfir helped me find the perfect diamond and didnt try to gouge me on the pricing. I will only buy jewelry from him going forward. We already went back to get our wedding bands from the best in the business. If you are looking for the perfect piece of jewelry you don’t need to look any further than Kfir and Shira Diamonds.

Dallas, TX
Phil was very personable and professional. I absolutely love my ring. Highly recommend!!!

Frisco, Texas
I had an awesome experience. He was super helpful, great customer service, and super nice. I would recommend to anyone.

Dallas, Texas
I think I went to every diamond wholesaler and major diamond dealer in Dallas before I went to see Shira. I should have gone to Shira first. Best customer service, education on diamonds, and price in DFW. You can tell he cares about his clients. I’m very picky about customer service and I have no complaints. My fiancé is extremely picky about jewelry and she fell in love with the engagement ring as soon as she saw it. Thanks again Phil.

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Wholesale Loose Diamonds Dallas

Shira Diamonds Dallas is a diamond manufacturer and loose diamond importer in Dallas, Texas. At Shira Diamonds we have a vast selection of loose diamonds certified by GIA and EGL. We can help you save on your next loose diamond purchase with our wholesale diamond prices. When we manufacture our loose diamonds we skip the jewelry stores and diamond brokers in Dallas, Texas.

Arriving at Shira Diamonds in Dallas, Texas

When you arrive at our wholesale jewelry showroom we provide the private closed loose wholesale diamond purchasing experience to you the retail consumer. With our extensive loose diamond selection of round, princess cut, cushion, oval, radiant, pear, asscher cut, marquise, emerald, and trillion diamonds wholesale diamond prices, diamond studs and custom diamond rings designs, we deliver an unparalleled diamond and jewelry buying experience. We are located in Dallas, Texas between Frankford and Preston. Give us a call today to view our large selection of loose wholesale diamonds.

Why we offer the BEST LOOSE DIAMOND PRICES in Dallas!

As an online diamond wholesaler, we save on overhead costs incurred by traditional retailers, so called wholesalers, diamond brokers and we pass those savings on to you. With over twenty years experience in the wholesale diamond industry,Dallas Wholesale Diamonds - Wholesale Diamonds and Custom Diamond Rings provides the service expected from a fine jewelry retailer while offering competitive wholesale diamond pricing.


At Shira Diamonds Dallas you will get true wholesale diamond prices on loose diamonds. We have been providing retail jewelry stores with diamonds since 1999 in Dallas, Texas. Don't pay retail when you can buy a diamond in Dallas, Texas from Shira Diamonds with wholesale diamond prices. We offer round diamonds, princess diamonds, cushion diamonds, oval diamonds, pear shaped diamonds, and marquise cut diamonds.

Wholesale Diamonds we Offer

  • Loose Round Diamonds Dallas
  • Loose Princess Diamonds Dallas
  • Loose Cushion Diamonds Dallas
  • Loose Radiant Diamonds Dallas
  • Loose Oval Diamonds Dallas
  • Loose Heart Diamonds Dallas
  • Loose Emerald Cut Diamonds Dallas
  • Loose Asscher Diamonds Dallas

Custom Diamond Rings Dallas

Shira Diamonds Dallas is proud to offer custom designer engagement rings to our Dallas, Texas customers. To create custom engagement rings, we can place our loose stones in designer settings, and our certified geologists can help shoppers navigate the many intricacies of selecting and purchasing a gorgeous, quality stone. Our impressive selection includes brilliant diamonds in many different cuts and shapes, including:

Whether you and your fiancée are shopping together and know just the type of diamond engagement ring you want or you are interested in creating a custom ring for a surprise proposal, we are confident that we can help you find the perfect engagement ring. You can enjoy browsing our inventory on your own, and our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates will always be ready to answer questions and provide guidance as you need. We maintain a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere at our showroom, and our goal is make sure your shopping experience is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. For more information about our designer ring settings or loose diamonds, contact us today. We're happy to create custom engagement rings at our Dallas showroom, where we serve customers from throughout the greater Dallas Fort Worth area.