Unique Engagement Rings Dallas
by Richard Ribacoff
unique engagement rings

Unique Engagement Rings Dallas, Texas

Wholesale Unique Engagement Rings at Shira Diamonds Dallas

Unique Engagement Rings Shira Diamonds Dallas - Wholesale Engagement Rings Dallas

With humble beginnings rooted in retail and wholesale jewelry, Shira Diamonds Dallas and its founding partners knew that in order to be successful in today's changing retail and wholesale jewelry environment, you had to have the means to accommodate your client and staff with the product they are looking for, and at the price they are looking for. All while maintaining, and providing a remarkable service. Without a manufacturer to stipulate these vital services, they set out to create their own.

Within 15 years Shira Diamonds Dallas of Dallas, Texas has quickly expanded from servicing their individual stores, to gaining the trust of jewelers and retail/wholesalers across the United States, providing them with an exceptional unique diamond rings, unique engagement rings, custom jewelry and service. We have also developed a reputation, within the jewelry industry, as one of the few manufactures today, which continues to impact how jewelers facilitate their business.

Early on it was clear that the essential of a successful retail jewelry store was having a great bridal business. With this realization, Shira Diamonds Dallas is set out to create and manufacture the largest collection of Bridal Jewelry in Texas. Using new technology and manufacturing development, we have been able to provide a dynamic, yet flexible product line. Our product line continues to grow, introducing new custom designs and products in union with changing trends. We offer the independent jeweler a vast number of services to customize any piece of jewelry. Services, which include making changes to existing pieces of jewelry in our collection, or the creation of a new one-of- kind designs created from a sketch. The friendly and experienced staff at Shira Diamonds Dallas in Dallas, Texas will tirelessly work to bring your vision to life. Our history includes a strong commitment to environment-friendly practices, using recycled precious metals, ethically-sourced gemstones and diamonds.

unique Engagement Rings Dallas Texas - Wholesale Engagement Rings Texas - Shira Diamonds Texas

While we are proud of what we have accomplished, we are dedicated to building a better future for our customers and employees. We are truly honored that jewelers and end-users have relied on us for the past ten years. We will continue, at great lengths to earn their confidence, and business. Each of Shira Diamonds Dallas associates are focused on providing the highest level of quality antique engagement rings and customer service in the industry. It is our objective, not only to meet our customer's needs, but also to exceed their expectations.

Shira Diamonds Dallas manufacturing, and distribution facilities are strategically located in Dallas, Texas in order to optimally serve our customers. Our Dallas manufacturing facilities produce the entire product line, which we sell. We are dedicated to continue the commitment of our product being manufactured in the United States.


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Wholesale Loose Diamonds Dallas

Shira Diamonds Dallas is a diamond manufacturer and loose diamond importer in Dallas, Texas. At Shira Diamonds we have a vast selection of loose diamonds certified by GIA and EGL. We can help you save on your next loose diamond purchase with our wholesale diamond prices. When we manufacture our loose diamonds we skip the jewelry stores and diamond brokers in Dallas, Texas.

Arriving at Shira Diamonds in Dallas, Texas

When you arrive at our wholesale jewelry showroom we provide the private closed loose wholesale diamond purchasing experience to you the retail consumer. With our extensive loose diamond selection of round, princess cut, cushion, oval, radiant, pear, asscher cut, marquise, emerald, and trillion diamonds wholesale diamond prices, diamond studs and custom diamond rings designs, we deliver an unparalleled diamond and jewelry buying experience. We are located in Dallas, Texas between Frankford and Preston. Give us a call today to view our large selection of loose wholesale diamonds.

Why we offer the BEST LOOSE DIAMOND PRICES in Dallas!

As an online diamond wholesaler, we save on overhead costs incurred by traditional retailers, so called wholesalers, diamond brokers and we pass those savings on to you. With over twenty years experience in the wholesale diamond industry,Dallas Wholesale Diamonds - Wholesale Diamonds and Custom Diamond Rings provides the service expected from a fine jewelry retailer while offering competitive wholesale diamond pricing.


At Shira Diamonds Dallas you will get true wholesale diamond prices on loose diamonds. We have been providing retail jewelry stores with diamonds since 1999 in Dallas, Texas. Don't pay retail when you can buy a diamond in Dallas, Texas from Shira Diamonds with wholesale diamond prices. We offer round diamonds, princess diamonds, cushion diamonds, oval diamonds, pear shaped diamonds, and marquise cut diamonds.

Wholesale Diamonds we Offer

  • Wholesale Round Diamonds Dallas
  • Wholesale Princess Diamonds Dallas
  • Wholesale Cushion Diamonds Dallas
  • Wholesale Radiant Diamonds Dallas
  • Wholesale Oval Diamonds Dallas
  • Wholesale Heart Diamonds Dallas
  • Wholesale Emerald Cut Diamonds Dallas
  • Wholesale Asscher Diamonds Dallas

Custom Diamond Rings Dallas

Shira Diamonds Dallas is proud to offer custom designer engagement rings to our Dallas, Texas customers. To create custom engagement rings, we can place our loose stones in designer settings, and our certified geologists can help shoppers navigate the many intricacies of selecting and purchasing a gorgeous, quality stone. Our impressive selection includes brilliant diamonds in many different cuts and shapes, including:

Whether you and your fiancée are shopping together and know just the type of diamond engagement ring you want or you are interested in creating a custom ring for a surprise proposal, we are confident that we can help you find the perfect engagement ring. You can enjoy browsing our inventory on your own, and our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates will always be ready to answer questions and provide guidance as you need. We maintain a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere at our showroom, and our goal is make sure your shopping experience is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. For more information about our designer ring settings or loose diamonds, contact us today. We're happy to create custom engagement rings at our Dallas showroom, where we serve customers from throughout the greater Dallas Fort Worth area.