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How To Buy Asscher Diamonds

Many find interest in asscher diamonds due to their unique shape and properties.

The faceting exudes the brilliance of the gem. It is an invention of the Royal Asscher Company, gracing the outfits of many celebrities of our time.

If you’re considering getting one, we’ll get you more information with this asscher diamond buying guide.

The Features of an Asscher Diamond

The Asscher cut has been in history for a long time but wasn’t appreciated by many.

Back then, there was a belief that the wastage of a rough diamond gave a negative impact to the gem’s prestige. It wasn’t only until the 1920s when the gem found its place.

The Asscher diamond is often compared to popular square cuts like the emerald, as they do have many similarities.

You find the difference at the four corners of the Asscher, cropped to give it a unique octagonal look. You can fully view the brilliance of the gem when mounted on four prongs.

It features large step facets and a high crown. The result of this cut gives it sparkle and brilliance that immediately catches the eye.

Many experts regard the Asscher highly due to this sparkle, created with an effect similar to reflective mirrors.

You can find most older Asscher cut diamonds in Art deco style rings, which was the era that made the cut popular.

Choosing an Asscher Diamond

Asscher Diamonds Shira Diamonds 300x200, Shira DiamondsLike any diamond, the 4Cs are the best way to determine the quality of the Asscher you are looking for.

Clarity and color are the two biggest factors that you need to be careful about if you want the best sparkle.

For clarity, we recommend that you buy one that is at least VS2 in grade. The reason is that inclusions are more visible in the cut due to its flat stone table.

The cut helps you easily see into the center of the stone.

For color, it is a matter of preference. If you find that high color grades are too expensive for your taste, you can go for a bit more color, like an L grade. It is enough to help you distinguish the step facets that give it its shine.

Color is very noticeable if you’re buying Asscher diamonds at a 2-carat weight or higher.

When deciding on a ring to pair with an Asscher, you have a lot of freedom with your choice, whether you want bigger carats or a unique color of diamond.

The cut works well with the 1920s Art Deco style it associates with.

You can go for vintage rings or something more modern or with a simple solitaire to focus on the center gem or put it in a halo setting to make it look even larger.

Are Asscher Diamonds Expensive?

Shira Diamonds CTA Button For Blog 04 2 E1604625572199, Shira DiamondsSeveral cuts are more expensive than the Asscher, mainly due to their popularity.

For example, the round cut is the most expensive cut of all, accounting for around half of all diamond sales.

The high price is reflective of the demand and the number of raw diamonds used to create a round cut. Other expensive cuts include the pear and marquise.

The Asscher finds itself among the expensive cuts, though it is still cheaper than the round.

It is an optimal choice for those that want sparkle but also want to save money.

With that said, the demands for higher clarity and color increase its price a bit.

If you’re looking for other cuts that can line up with your budget, you can check the emerald, princess, or cushion.

Comparing the Asscher with Other Diamonds

Asscher Cut Diamonds Shira Diamonds 300x170, Shira DiamondsWhile the Asscher is a big square cut, others still look larger than it.

If you want something bigger, the elongated shape of the pear or marquise gives it more surface area.

This large visible area affects how the diamond presents itself to the naked eye. Diamonds like these can look larger than their actual carat.

For the sparkle, the Asscher does have an advantage over many cuts due to its faceting.

The round brilliant is, in many ways, a better choice when it comes to light dispersion.

The only thing that derails the round cut is its higher price.

A good quality round is also difficult to find due to the complexity needed to create it.

Diamond Cuts Shira Diamonds 1024x640, Shira Diamonds

Searching for the Best Diamond Cut

The title of best diamond cut is always something that’s in contention among experts and buyers alike.

Preference is the biggest driving factor, which is why many cuts exist.

You may not like popular choices like the round as they don’t fit your style.

For others, they don’t like large square gems like the Emerald.

When choosing a diamond, make sure it is something you want. It is you who will possess that diamond for a long time.

The least you can do is buy one that satisfies you.

Hopefully, this Asscher diamond buying guide has given you more insight into the uncommon cut.

To know more about our asscher cut diamond rings, call us at Shira Diamonds.

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