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How to Choose the Right Halo Engagement Ring

There is no doubt that the benefits of a halo engagement ring are not the only considerations you have to consider when choosing the ring for your fiancé’.

You also have to know what flaws to look out for and avoid choosing the diamond for the engagement ring.

Why is choosing an engagement ring difficult?

What complicates the process of selecting an engagement ring is the countless designs and styles that are available in the market.

A visit to the jewelry store will likely end up with you getting more confused and unsure of which ring style to pick.

Choosing a Ring Style

Benefits Of Halo Engagement Ring 300x154, Shira DiamondsLet’s take the budget out of the equation. If you are choosing a ring style for your fiancé, what will you pick for her? What type does she like? Will it be a timeless engagement ring or a classic style? How about modern, glamorous, or vintage?

No wonder choosing an engagement ring style is never easy. The selection process involves too many considerations, the most important of which is the ring setting style.

Ring Setting Style

A ring’s setting gives the engagement ring its personality. It determines the way the center stone is mounted on the ring.

Some trendy ring settings are:

  • Tiffany Setting: this is a popular engagement ring setting with a timeless and classic look
  • Bezel Setting: a metal rim encircles the sides of the stone, extending slightly above it. This setting style holds the diamond securely.
  • Pavé: this setting style has lots of diamonds set closely together.
  • Prong Setting: a solo diamond is set in a simple mounting, traditional with either four or six prongs.
  • Gypsy Setting: the band is shaped like a dome and designed in a continuous form.
    The stone is placed in the center of the band. This setting does not have prongs, and the crown of the diamond is the only exposed area.
  • Halo Setting: this setting has a center diamond, embellished with a collection of small, round diamonds.

Choosing a Diamond: Avoiding Flaws

Halo Engagement Rings 300x154, Shira DiamondsThe most classic engagement ring style is when a diamond is set at the center of the metal band. When choosing the center diamond for your engagement ring, you must remember the 4Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

The diamond size will not be significant because the halo setting will make a small diamond look more prominent. Avoid stones with poor clarity quality.

This means the diamond must not have a lot of imperfections such as inclusions or blemishes.

Diamond Shape

The round shape diamond is a common choice. But you can also check the other diamond cuts like princess, cushion, oval, emerald, radiant, and pear cut diamonds.

Choose a Precious Metal

You can choose from white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum ring metals for your engagement ring.

The more preferred metals are white gold and platinum, although rose gold seems to be catching up fast.

Why Choose a Halo Engagement Ring?

The halo setting has become a popular engagement ring choice for many couples.

This style features a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds or pavé stones.

Choosing a halo engagement ring offers long-term benefits, including:

Boosts the Size and Appearance of the Center Diamond

This is the main benefit of having a halo engagement ring. The setting makes the center stone in a halo engagement ring appear larger.

The increased brilliance of the diamonds that surround the center stone adds to the huge diamond look effect.

If the diamond is 1-carat, it will look like a 2-carat diamond with the halo setting.

A Sparkling Halo Enhances the Ring

Shira Diamonds CTA Button For Blog 05, Shira DiamondsThe smaller diamonds that surround the center stone add to the brilliance and sparkle of the ring.

The placement of the smaller diamonds closely together creates an impressive sparkle and shine.

If you opt for the double-ringed design, the halo engagement ring will have an unmatched sparkling, radiant appearance.

Center Diamond is Protected

Without the loop of smaller diamonds embedded around the stone in the center, it will be easily damaged and scratched if it accidentally hits a hard surface.

The halo ring setting serves as a protective rim for the diamond in the center.

It Can be Customized

Halo rings can be customized according to your personal design preference.

You can choose the color of the ring metal to match the diamonds. You may also want to double the loop of smaller diamonds or pavé.

Different Types of Halo Engagement Rings

As popular as they are, halo engagement rings are available in many styles.

You can choose from some popular yet not cheap types of halo engagement rings, such as:

  • Classic Halo Rings: this type has a single loop of smaller diamonds around the center stone. Other designers call this a plain shank halo engagement ring. The elegant polished band arcs up to the center stone and the surrounding halo.
  • Double Halo Rings: a double halo engagement ring has two loops of diamonds surrounding the center stone. The double halo produces a dazzling effect, and the center diamond will look much bigger.
  • Floral Halo Rings: some halo ring designs feature a flower-looking loop, which makes this style unique and nature-inspired.

Your Best Halo Engagement Ring Choice

And because halo engagement rings can be customized, you can be creative in your choice of diamond and ring metal colors, ring style and design, etc. to achieve a different personality for your engagement ring.

A halo engagement ring is your best choice from the numerous options available.

Regardless if you choose the classic or double halo ring type, the halo with small diamonds adds to the beautiful and radiant appearance and bigger-looking size of the center stone.

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