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How to Make a Cushion Cut Diamond Look Bigger?

Some people prefer subtler designs to their rings, but others want the glamour and eye-catching factor.

One of the best ways to catch attention with an engagement ring is through diamond size.

The challenge is finding a diamond with the right size at the right price.

If you’re on a budget, there are ways to showcase big diamond rings without spending too much on the diamond itself.

Big Diamond Cushion Cut Rings

Cushion Cut Diamonds Shira Diamonds 300x218, Shira Diamonds Many prefer the cushion cut diamonds for its timeless, vintage appeal. It stands out from other similar shapes, such as the princess or emerald.

Other square or rectangular cuts have more of a decade-specific allure, while the cushion exudes a romantic antique style.

Another reason why many like the cushion cut is due to how it appears to the naked eye.

It has a larger table size than most diamond cuts, even having a slight edge over the popular round diamond.

Even if it is of the same carat size as other diamonds, it looks larger, thanks to how it appears to the naked eye.

It is also a more affordable option than the round cut, which is one of the most highly demanded cuts.

The cushion cut is a better alternative for those looking to save money on their diamond purchase.

On average, cushions are 25% to 50% cheaper than round diamonds of the same carat size. You can use these savings for other aspects of the engagement ring.

Since it is also cheaper, you can opt for a higher-quality cushion cut gem.

Big Engagement Rings, Big Diamond Cuts

The title of the biggest diamond cut is always in contention. Even at the same carat size, different factors go into making a diamond look bigger.

The cushion is one of the biggest, but the princess often edges out on size.

The added brilliance and shine of the princess diamond’s faceting add to its larger look. It is also a popular cut thanks to its more modern design with sharp edges.

The cut that contends with the princess the most is the oval cut.

Generally, elongated cuts have an advantage, as their shape contributes to the diamond looking larger. These cuts sacrifice a bit of their brilliance for size.

Their faceting doesn’t reflect light as well as a round would. If the size is what you are focusing on, then the oval is a top choice.

Big Engagement Rings Shira Diamonds E1614581166415, Shira Diamonds

Making a Diamond Look Bigger

Aside from carat size and cut, there are many ways you can make your engagement ring’s diamond look bigger.

These methods won’t cost you much and are an affordable alternative to investing in a higher-grade diamond.

Slimmer Wedding Band

A thin wedding band will make a diamond look larger and more impressive.

Thin bands also give off a more delicate appearance and help increase the beauty of the diamond.

The bands are a lot less durable than regular-sized ones. The amount of metal within the band helps its strength.

Use a Platinum Prong Setting

The setting can be a big factor in helping your diamond appear larger.

Platinum prongs blend seamlessly with a diamond and work best if you have a yellow gold band setting.

Many jewel designers use this trick to accentuate the center diamond.

Fewer Prongs

Shira Diamonds CTA Button For Blog 04 2 E1604625572199, Shira DiamondsWhen choosing a setting, opt for the standard four prongs, as more than four can obstruct the diamond’s beauty.

With fewer prongs, more light can enter the gem, enhancing its brilliance.

The sparkle helps it look bigger than it is. Six prongs can overpower the diamond, while four prongs are a more streamlined option. Many consider it a modern and cleaner option.

Halo Setting

Another alternative to prong settings is the halo. A halo setting has the center diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, often of the pave variety.

The small diamonds increase the diameter of the center stone, making it look bigger.

They also add to the sparkle, making it look like your diamond has more carats.

Clean Regularly

We advise that you have your diamond rings cleaned every six months.

As you wear it daily, it can collect dirt and other materials that can hamper the gem’s shine. Your ring is always exposed to various elements, getting it dirty.

You can wipe off dirt on your diamond, but professional cleaning from your jeweler will ensure that the gem looks brand new.

It Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

No matter if you have a one-carat diamond or something smaller, there are ways to increase your diamond’s size.

A cushion cut can look even more dazzling if you apply any of our tips. Making it look bigger can add to that vintage appeal it is well-known for.

These tips also work for other cuts and other diamonds.

If you have the extra money to spend on the diamond, you can also go for higher-quality gems.

Want to make cushion cut diamonds look bigger? Let our team at Shira Diamonds help you. Give us a call to get started.

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