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How To Make An Engagement Ring Look Bigger: 14 Expert Tips

It is every woman’s dream to have a grand-looking engagement ring.
Of course, this dream isn’t unobtainable if you have the budget to go with the whim.

Going for the big carat diamond engagement ring will undoubtedly cost a fortune.

Fortunately, there are ways to make an engagement ring look bigger without hurting the pocket.

According to the experts, there are ways to make your engagement ring look bigger, but within the budget.

Check the tips below.

Round Out, Oval In

An oval-cut diamond is less expensive than round diamonds.

Elongated shapes like oval will also make your ring look big.

You can use the savings you make on the oval stone to increase the diamond’s carat size (as much as 0.20 carats more).

Hence, an oval-shaped stone is an excellent choice to maximize the visual effect in size.

Slim, Delicate Band Cheats The Eyes

If you have a good size diamond as the center stone of your engagement ring, you can look for a thin, delicate band to match.
Since the band is slim, all the attention will be drawn to the center stone even if it’s not that big.

Slim Prongs For Brilliance

An engagement ring with a solitaire setting designed with slender prongs will make the diamond look big.

Choose a four-prong configuration. The four prongs will bring more focus to the stone and allow light to enter the stone unobstructed.

A shining and magnificent brilliance will add to the illusion of a gigantic ring.

Wedding Ring, Shira Diamonds

Bright White Metal Band, Not Gold

Platinum and white gold are two precious metals that can make your ring look large.

The brightest is white gold (18k) covered in rhodium, a rigid element that’s reflective.

Besides its shiny properties, the 18k white gold will also protect the soft gold from scratches.

Halo Is The Best

When someone looks at the ring on your finger, they’ll look from the top.

A ring of smaller diamonds surrounding the center diamond will give the aesthetics of a large ring. This effect is possible with a halo setting.

Diamond Engagement Ring, Shira Diamonds

The increased ring diameter resulting from the smaller pavé encircling the center stone will create a large ring illusion.

A halo ring is one of the settings that make diamonds look bigger. Hence, it’s a popular choice among many women.

Yellow Band, Platinum Prongs

The platinum color blends with the diamond and doesn’t reflect the gold band color.

So, if you prefer a gold band with a diamond stone at the center, one of the tips to make your diamond look bigger is to have platinum prongs.

It’s All About The Right Cut

The precision at which each facet on a diamond is cut will go a long way in reflected light and the brilliant effects that will make the diamond look more massive than its actual size.

A well-cut diamond means having proper angles and facets. The better the cut, the more it’ll reflect light causing it to look larger.

No To Cushion Cuts

Cushion cut diamonds are deep-set, which means that their carat weight is below the surface where it can’t be seen.

This will not make your ring look huge due to its deep setting.

Say Yes to Colored Stones

Precious colored stones in pale hues of pink, blue, green, or yellow will appear fuller than a traditional diamond stone. The colors will trick the eyes and will look larger than they are.

What’s In A Three-Stone Setting?

Consider a three-stone setting but ensure that the side stones are small so they don’t steal the central stones’ attention.

The three diamonds should be in a vertical and seamless setting. This setup will trick your eyes and prevent you from detecting that there are actually three stones in your ring.

Less in Diamond 2Cs

Out of the 4Cs, color and clarity don’t have that much impact on the stone’s appearance in size. You can choose a diamond with color and clarity grade on the lower side.

Play with Stone’s Orientation

How a ring appears on your finger has a lot to do with the stone’s orientation. You can opt for an oval diamond and orient the stone north-south.

If you add trillions or baguettes on the sides, you’ll have a much bigger-looking ring for less cost.

Fancy Diamond Shapes

Going for fancy-shaped diamonds like pear, emerald, and marquise, you have an excellent alternative for a ring that will look larger and unique.

Custom Gold Engagement Ring, Shira Diamonds

These fancy shapes have more surface area per carat weight, thus, making them appear hugging a sizable area on your finger.

Clean is Sparkly

Keep this in mind – a sparkle in a diamond contributes a lot to how the stone looks and how big it appears. Even if you have a big rock and it looks dull and less radiant, it’ll look small.

Hence, regular cleaning of the engagement ring will ensure that people think that you have a big stone on that finger.

Pick One

There you have it—14 hacks to make your engagement ring look bigger. You only need one to make your dream come true without breaking the bank.

Visit Shira Diamonds and check our engagement ring collections. We will gladly help you find the engagement ring that will look big on your finger and give the best value for your money.

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