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How to tell if diamonds are real or fake?

World is full of most precious jewels, but the diamonds are one of the top pest in list. But how to tell if diamonds are real or fake? In century of history with the mankind, diamonds played different role in every decades. In a once, glory for mankind and on other side as bloodshed.

Due to the precious in price and astonishing luster, diamonds have win hearts of mankind. These make forgery in diamonds.

In a past, one of the most common technique or a traditional method to test a solitaire is to scratch a diamond with glass –if a glass is scraped or scratched, the diamond is real. But some fake diamonds can also scratch glass. Scratching method is now outdated. So how can you tell if a diamond is real? Here, how you can examine.

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  1. Examine Stone With Loupe:

Loupe are said as magnifying glass, usually a person can buy from a stationery or from jeweler shop. While noticing gem under loupe you will find imperfection in carbon because majority of diamonds are made from nature factory- A fake stone will be absolute perfect, so here the game becomes easy. But good quality real diamonds are eye clean and inclusion less, so you might not find any impurities. Using loupe to tell if a diamonds are real or fake is for experience person.

  1. See How It Sparkles:

Luster in diamond is its pride. Inside the stone, it will sparkle grey and white (known as “brilliance”) while outside of the gem, it will reflect colors similar to rainbow on surfaces (this dispersed light is known as “fire”). Some people misunderstand that diamonds sparkle like rainbow, but in reality they don’t. Real diamond sparkle more as grey to white shiny, if you found rainbow inside a stone, it’s probably not real diamond or fake diamond.

  1. Fog Test – Check Real or Fake Diamond:

Another test requires exhaling on the gem, similar as seen in picture. Diamonds are good at conducting heat. As soon as you fog, your breath on stone would clear instantly. In case fog stays for a couple of seconds probably it can be fake. Cubic zirconium also shows similar result as real one so it make a confusion.

  1. Stone Refractivity:

This trick is simple and easy for household. Diamonds sharply bend, or refract, the light that passes through, resulting in their strikingly brilliant appearance. Whereas other stones like glass and quartz sparkle less because they have a lower refractive index.

So with the help of this knowledge diamond can be examine with the help of newspaper. Keep a stone on paper, If you can read print through the stone, then it probably isn’t a real diamond.

  1. Sand Paper Test:

Diamond are said toughest material, by rubbing sand paper on diamond will give a result quickly. If a stone get scratched it is said as fake diamond. Whereas if no mark found of scrubbing on diamond, it is said as real.

With this you can quickly identify and can take correct decision, hopefully you learned;how to tell if diamonds are real or fake.


  • Cubic zirconium – It scratches easily and does not have the same fire and shine as diamonds. Commonly known as synthetic diamond.
  • Moissanite – Moissanite is harder than cubic zirconium and this stone is visually extremely bright, especially so as to blind the eyes temporarily. The main difference is that moissanites have a intense brightness of light than a diamond. In Moissanite you can see rainbow colors, it give effect like disco ball.
  • Lab grown diamonds – These diamonds are technically “real” diamonds both chemically and physical, but the price of mined diamonds is comparatively high because it passes century’s for formation. Experts says lab grown diamonds sell for about 20% to 30% less than a traditional mined diamonds.

Over to you: So the next time you run across something you think is just cheap costume jewellery, it’s important to test it – just in case. We still suggest to double check your diamond is real or fake by visiting jewellers shop or concern right person. Who knows? may be your diamonds are real or fake. If you find this article about “how to tell if diamonds are real or fake” helpful please consider sharing on social media. Share awareness, help your friends to choose real diamonds. Got question? comment below and gem experts will reply asap.

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