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Learn about Radiant Diamonds at Shira Diamonds in Dallas, Texas : Wholesale Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant Diamonds in Dallas, Texas at Shira Diamonds

Largest Diamond Wholesaler in Dallas, Texas with over 8000 Loose Diamonds


Diamonds have been Numero Uno since time immemorial and have been exceedingly popular as jewelry
since the dawn of human civilization. While there are a number of cuts that emphasize the brilliance and
fire of a diamond including a host of fancy shapes, certain cuts are recognized for their traits and have
been used as the centerpiece of many famous jewelry through the years.

The Radiant diamond is a superb combination of the elegant square shape and the eye popping
brilliance of a round cut. It took the genius of Henry Grossbard, a master craftsman more than 33 years
to create this excellent cut in 1977. The square and rectangular shape in diamonds that did not
compromise on brilliance were favored by the hip and happening crowd thereafter and the radiant cut
diamond soon became available everywhere.

Radiant Cut Diamonds In Dallas Texas   Radiant Engagement Rings   Shira Diamonds 1, Shira Diamonds

All radiant cuts, however, are not alike. You have the square, the rectangular along with other variations
that might be best described as rectangularish or squarish. This variation of shapes will allow you the
freedom to choose the best shaped radiant for a specific piece of jewelry. Most ladies are eager to seek
out the best radiant that matches with their fingers too. No matter what the occasion, you are liable to
find a radiant diamond that suits you to a T.

It is important to check out the four Cs when you are keen on purchasing a radiant diamond though. The
popularity of this cut has resulted in a number of imitations stones in the market although none of them
can match the brilliance of an original radiant cut diamond most of the time. The spread out carat weight of
an original stone makes the diamond appear larger too. This is a trait that is rarely found in a fake
radiant cut diamond.

While many individuals think of a radiant diamond merely as a Princess cut diamond where the corners
have been cut off, a connoisseur of diamonds knows the truth, however. The primary difference
between the two lies in the way the diamond reflects light. While a conventional Princess cut has a
linear life where there are alternate black and white lines of light reflected from its facets. The telltale
sign of a dark X formed at the center of a Princess diamond is completely missing in a radiant.

The genuine radiant cut has a circular life that can be explained as light entering through various facets
that then gets reflects numerous times within the stone thus emphasizing its brilliance many times over.
Buying a radiant cut diamond is certainly not a 1 minute task. There are several aspects to consider here.
When the length to width ratio of a radiant diamond happens to be between 1.00 and 1.05, you get a
square shaped one. The ratio of a rectangular radiant is usually more than 1.10. There is nothing
superior or inferior about either of the shapes though. Your choice will depend on your preference here.

Many prefer a few inclusions that lend a warmer color to the radiant diamond especially when it is for a
engagement ring.

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