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Fort Worth

Buy Quality Wholesale Diamonds in Fort Worth

Wholesale Diamonds Dallas 6 2, Shira DiamondsThe best art collections in Texas are found in Fort Worth, Texas in the Kimbell Arts Museum, along with world-class museums designed by internationally acclaimed architects.

One of the best diamond crafters can also be found in the Shira Diamonds shop in Fort Worth—home to authentic wholesale diamonds and other stunning fine jewelry beautifully adorned with real hand-picked diamonds cut to perfection.

Drop by the Shira Diamonds shop while you visit the top attractions in Fort Worth like the Fort Worth Zoo, Sundance Square, Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District, the Fort Worth Water Gardens, and the famous Kimbell Art Museum.

Fort Worth Wholesale Diamond Distributor

At Shira Diamonds Fort Worth, you are assured that the wholesale diamonds you purchase are genuinely “wholesale”.

We buy quality diamonds in bulk and supply them to retail stores. We’ve been supplying brick-and-mortar jewelry stores with quality diamond jewelry since 1999.

We also offer a stunning curated collection of carefully hand-selected cut-to-perfection diamonds crafted by their seasoned designers.

With every diamond jewelry, you get a true competitive wholesale price.
Custom Diamond Rings In Dallas Texas 0  Wholesale  69bb027a4aaa84d6611d393529305f1c, Shira Diamonds

Fort Worth Wholesale Loose Diamonds

We have a vast selection of top-quality GIA and EGL-certified loose diamonds in all budget ranges.

Our wholesale loose diamonds inventory includes brilliant diamonds in different cuts and shapes like:

  • Round Diamonds
    A contemporary symmetrically-balanced shape diamond with 58 facets and permits maximum light to be reflected back to the observer. This is a popular choice for engagement rings and bridal jewelry.
  • Oval Diamonds
    Defining its shape, this diamond appears to be somewhat longer than the round diamond. It occupies the more surface area in its setting, which results in more brilliance and dazzle.
  • Asscher Diamonds
    While resembling an emerald cut, this diamond is shaped like a square with clipped corners making it look like an octagon. This looks perfect and elegant in a setting with four prongs. The unique cut accentuates the depth of the stone and makes it a classic attraction.
  • Princess Diamonds
    A traditional princess cut diamond is a square cut or rectangular cut. It has a range of chevron-shaped pavilion facets combined with table facets cut similar to that found in a round diamond. It is unique with its chevron features and distinctive pyramid shapes on the surface.
  • Cushion Diamonds
    This diamond is a blend of the princess diamond and the round diamond resulting in a cut diamond that resembles a pillow. It enthralled royalty centuries ago and considered to be the de facto shape of diamonds. This sparkling cushion cut diamond sparkles with innate fire that makes it the more attractive.
  • Emerald Diamonds
    The shape of a genuine emerald cut diamond considered to be one of the most beautiful vintage cuts can vary from almost a square to a narrow rectangle. It is a clean shape much appreciated for its easy set on jewelry. Its beauty lies in how it creates a hall of mirrors effect and a spectacular illusion of alternating white light on dark panes. Its perfectly rounded off corners result in a brilliant sparkle.
  • Marquise Diamonds
    Similar to the oval cut, but with pointier corners resembling a football, this diamond cut with its long and narrow shape, creates the eccentric illusion of greater size. It is a unique choice for engagement rings and gift sets for brides. The elongated shape gives it a touch of elegance. Go for this ring if you want a French feel and ambiance to your engagement.
  • Pear Diamonds
    An artful combination of two great cuts, makes this teardrop-shaped diamond-cut exquisite and popular. This diamond is a beautiful result of a traditional round cut with a dazzling brilliance of the marquise cut similar to a perfect oval. With two brilliant diamond cuts combined, you also get the best quality of sheer brilliance. A pear diamond cut works perfectly in an engagement ring setting as well as a centerpiece of a necklace or an elegant pair of teardrop earrings.

Custom Three Stone Diamond Ring 3 Carat Engagement Ring Dallas 4, Shira Diamonds

Custom Engagement Rings and Fine Diamond Jewelry

Our custom designer engagement rings that you can craft to your style and taste. They have expert jewelry designers who can create a masterpiece for your desired engagement ring.

You will also get free lifetime ring cleaning and lifetime upgrade guarantee with your ring purchase.

Diamonds adorn beautiful fashion jewelry like rings, pendants, earrings, and necklaces in different shapes, styles, and designs to reflect your personality.

Where Dazzle and Cowboy Charm Blend Perfectly

In a big, modern city like Fort Worth, you can enjoy and experience art, animals, family fun, and fashion. Fort Worth has long been a center of longhorn cattle trade and several world-class museums.

It is well-known for Texas hospitality and a dozen remarkable districts full of culture and fun. Enjoy the company of a cowboy in the world’s only twice-daily cattle drive while showcasing fashion with diamond jewelry from Shira Diamonds.

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