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Wholesale Diamonds in Garlands for Engagement Rings, Custom Rings, and More

Garland is home to more than 236,000 residents with a wonderful sense of community and a coveted small-town feel with amazing city services.

Shira Diamonds prides itself in this strong neighborhood with its dazzling and authentic wholesale diamonds.  As one of the best wholesale diamond dealers in town, we have a vast collection of wholesale diamonds that you can choose from.

Whether you live in the urban or suburban neighborhoods of Garland, you can access the wholesale diamonds that we offer online.

Like Garland city’s move towards preserving its traditional charm, Shira Diamonds’ charm comes with its wholesaling approach making it the cheapest place to buy loose diamonds.

Best Wholesale Diamonds Online in Garland

New Project 2, Shira Diamonds

The Granville Arts Center in Garland has two elegant theatres with 720 and 200 seats, respectively.  Outside the theatres is an elegant outdoor courtyard.

This elegance also characterizes the wholesale diamonds at Shira diamonds that have the true clarity, carat, and color of natural diamonds.  Our diamonds also display maximum brilliance because they are intricately cut to perfection.

But elegance cannot stand alone.  Every diamond in Shira Diamonds has been certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America).  A GIA certificate is the benchmark in diamond quality. The Four C’s (cut, clarity, color, and carat weight) has been developed by GIA as a standard to compare and evaluate the quality of diamonds.

If you need quality cut wholesale diamonds with maximum brilliance, get your diamonds from one of the top wholesale diamond dealers in Garland, Shira Diamonds.  Our service and client relationships are as valuable as the wholesale diamonds we offer.

Garland Wholesale Loose Diamonds

Wholesale Diamonds Dallas, Shira Diamonds

Garland has a vast area of parkland with 63 amazing parks including the famous Audubon Park, Windsurf Bay Park, and Ablon Park.  All of which have outstanding features that would not leave any dull moment in their space.

Shira Diamonds also offers a curated collection of wholesale loose diamonds that would enliven any dull moment.

Our selection includes a variety of cuts and shapes in all budget ranges:

Conventional Cuts and Shapes:

  • Round – a symmetrically-balanced shape and a favorite for engagement rings and bridal jewelry
  • Princess – it has distinctive pyramid shapes on the surface with a stunning blend of chevron-shaped pavilion and table facets
  • Cushion – a blend of the princess and round-cut diamonds
  • Oval – more brilliant and dazzling because of its larger surface area
  • Emerald –  a beautiful vintage cut creating a hall of mirrors and a spectacular illusion of alternating white light on dark panes
  • Asscher – a square-like shaped diamond with clipped corners and an accentuated stone depth
  • Pear – has the brilliance of a marquise and oval cut with a  teardrop-shape
  • Marquise – creates an eccentric illusion of greater size with its football shape

Exclusive Cuts and Shapes:

  • Heart – a modified and intricate diamond-cut perfect for pendants or matching earrings
  • Radiant cut – an elegant combination of the round and square diamond cuts that can be customized to a rectangular or square cut diamond
  • Trillion cut – an offbeat diamond cut shaped like a triangle with various curved and uncurved surfaces and has numerous facets that produce an undiminished sparkle.

Garland Custom Wholesale Fine Diamond Jewelry

Three Stone Diamond Ring Dallas 4 1, Shira Diamonds

Shira diamonds offer the finest wholesale custom jewelry in Garland. Buy your custom engagement rings and diamond fine jewelry on-line from Shira Diamonds because they are generally 30-40% cheaper than when they are bought in physical stores.

Wholesale Custom Engagement Rings in Garland

NYC Engagement Rings Store, Shira Diamonds


We specialize in crafting customized engagement rings with an intricately cut loose diamond set on a fine designer metal setting.

Create a drawing of your dream engagement ring design and our expert jewelry designers will craft it into a tangible unique masterpiece.

You also get diamond ring services along with your ring purchase – all 100% free of charge – ring sizing, appraisal, lifetime ring cleaning, and lifetime upgrade guarantee.

With Shira Diamonds, you get the best bang for your buck with your wholesale customized engagement ring.

Wholesale Custom Fine Diamond Jewelry in Garland

Our two-decade collection of wholesale custom fine diamond jewelry will bedazzle you.  They include amazing designs of custom rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Just choose the perfect loose diamond and then we will help you select the perfect designer jewelry where it will be placed.

Quality Wholesale Diamond Dealers in Staycay Destination Garland

Garlandites pride in the recreation, rest, relaxation, green space, outdoor options, affordability, and weather that their beautiful place offers in abundance.  These characteristics placed them on the 19th spot among the top 100 staycay destinations in America.

Shira Diamonds have found its worthy place in this staycay destination with its stunning and authentic market-competitive wholesale price diamonds.  With decades of experience in the wholesale diamond industry, they are a trusted wholesale diamond dealer that offers intricately cut diamonds.

Our offer comes with a wholesome and trustworthy customer relationship because we value you as much as our top of the line wholesale diamonds.

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