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Quality Plano Wholesale Diamonds from a GIA-Certified Distributor

Plano, Texas is a prosperous place, an abode to several Fortune 1000 companies and more than 10,000 businesses like Shira Diamonds, a reputable and trusted wholesale diamond dealer.

With a global business community, several technology giants can be found in Plano, attracting highly-skilled workers in its pro-business regulatory environment.

Alongside a vigorous business industry, Plano boasts of its accolades as the happiest city in America, the number two hardest working city in America, and the number three safest city in America. Not to mention, it was ranked as a 2017 Top 100 Best Places to Live.

Titled as “The City of Excellence”, Plano is positioned to provide the best quality of life to its residents and community members beaming with a resounding hometown spirit.

It is in this light that we provide parallel excellent quality wholesale diamonds in Plano.

Excellent Wholesale Diamonds in The City of Excellence

New Project 4, Shira Diamonds

Right in the heart of the Plano is home of stunning and authentic wholesale diamonds.
Our company is a trusted wholesale diamond dealer with decades of experience in the diamond dealing industry.

We continue to provide excellent quality diamonds in Plano with competitive wholesale diamond pricing.

They will not blind customers with the “wholesale” expression just to attract buyers but they give a real competitive wholesale price for their diamonds because they have been procuring diamonds in bulk and supplying retail diamond stores for years.

Excellence in their wholesale diamonds is defined by their brilliant curated collection of responsibly sourced GIA and EGL-certified loose diamonds that are hand-selected and cut at their diamond facility in Israel.

Plano’s Abundance of Diversity and Shira Diamond’s Abundance of Wholesale Diamonds

Plano, being one of the best places to live and retire, simply offers something for everyone. This beautiful place has an abundance of cultural, educational, and outdoor amenities.

Residents and visitors will never get enough of the abundance and resident-friendly atmosphere of Plano.

You will never run out of worthwhile things to do in Plano’s active and vibrant, busy and bustling, community.

Shira Diamonds, as one of the leaders in the wholesale diamonds industry, provide you with the same abundance in its brilliant and unparalleled wholesale diamond collection.

They have responsibly sourced and well-crafted diamonds that you can choose from.

Custom Halo Diamond Rings Plano, Shira Diamonds

Plano Wholesale Loose Diamonds

We have a stunning array of loose diamonds available in all budget ranges.

They have diamonds ranging from 0.05 to 10.00 cts in many different cuts and shapes. All diamonds are GIA and EGL-certified.

These are cuts and shapes available:

  • Round – a symmetrically-balanced shaped diamond and a favorite for engagement rings and bridal jewelry
  • Princess – a stunning blend of the chevron-shaped pavilion and table facets with distinctive pyramid shapes
  • Cushion – a blend of the princess and round cut diamond considered the to be the de facto shape of diamonds
  • Oval – its larger surface area gives it more brilliance and dazzle
  • Heart – a unique and modified brilliant-cut perfect for pendants or matching earrings
  • Emerald – a beautiful vintage cut creating a hall of mirrors and a spectacular illusion of alternating white light on dark panes
  • Asscher – a classic attraction of an accentuated stone depth on a square-like shaped diamond with clipped corners
  • Pear – an exquisite and popular cut diamond with a teardrop shape reflecting the brilliance of a marquise and oval cut
  • Marquise – an elegant elongated shape resembling a football creating an eccentric illusion of greater size
  • Radiant Cut – a superb combination of the square and round diamond cuts that can be customized to a square or rectangular cut diamond
  • Trillion Cut – an offbeat diamond cut shaped like a triangle with various curved and curved surfaces giving undiminished sparkle with its numerous facets

Plano TX Wholesale Custom Diamond Rings

We specialize in creating custom engagement rings that give the best value for your budget.

Our expert jewelry designer will assure you that you get a tangible unique masterpiece from the best high-quality cut diamond.

You can choose from diamonds with premium colors and clarity that suits your style.

Shira Diamonds have GIA certified geologists who will assist you in choosing the best quality loose diamond stone from its priced collection of stunning loose diamonds available in different cuts, shapes, and colors and the type of designer metal for your ring setting.

Along with your purchase of a wholesale custom diamond ring, we also offer lifetime ring cleaning and lifetime upgrade guarantee.

Wholesale Fine Diamond Jewelry

Adorn your Plano visit with beautiful fashion jewelry from Shira Diamonds.

There are stunning diamonds perfectly set on rings, pendants, earrings, and necklaces available in different shapes, styles, and designs to match your personality.

Custom Diamond Rings Plano, Shira Diamonds

A Go-To Wholesale Diamond Shop in Go-To Destination

Plano is a go-to destination in the Texas heartland. It has taken worthy pride in its core quality of excellent cultural, educational, and resident-friendly features.

There is no shortage of nature and recreational activities and business opportunities in Plano.

Shira Diamonds continues to engage and contribute to Plano’s business community with its stunning wholesale diamonds. It takes worthy pride in being a go-to wholesale diamond shop in Plano.

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