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Loose Diamonds Dallas

Our company, SHIRA DIAMONDS DALLAS, is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of loose diamonds and custom fine jewelry. Our loose diamonds company imports loose diamonds from overseas and has a diamond cutting MFG as well. We believe that competition helps the loose diamonds business and we are the first hand after the Rough Rock leaves the mine.

Shira Diamonds Dallas is a well-known name in the world of
loose diamonds, and yes we mean it! You can find the most beautiful diamond jewelry in our loose diamonds Offices around Texas. If you are a resident of Texas, you can always come to Shira Diamonds Dallas, Houston, and Abilene and choose from our wide range of diamond wedding band sets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and antique jewelry. Our loose diamonds are of high-quality and tested by professionals, so you would never receive an under-quality or a defect in any of our jewelry. We give an extensive range of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands to make your day a memorable one.

We understand the highly competitive market, but we never compromise the quality of any of our diamond engagement rings or wedding bands. Our first hand service is always available for you and we always keep the contemporary custom diamond jewelry designs with us that are uniquely beautiful.

Loose Diamonds In Dallas, Shira Diamonds

Where to Buy a Loose Diamond in Dallas, Texas

loose diamonds can typically be purchased through different retailers both online and in stores. We also have an entire section dedicated to the difference between buying diamonds in store or online. There are benefits to purchasing diamonds in either location. loose diamonds purchased in store can be seen in person. However, be careful when purchasing diamonds in store. Retailers can markup diamonds by up to 30% to cover the overhead costs. You may also be faced with a limited selection to compare against one another. Shopping online will give you a wide variety of diamonds to compare against one another. Many online retailers also have great relationships with wholesale diamond suppliers and may be able to pass the savings onto the end consumer. Shopping for loose diamonds online requires a bit of research, however most retailers are happy to share all the information you need as well as magnified images and video so that you can see the characteristics of the diamond very clearly before making your purchase. When purchasing online, be sure to only get a diamond that is certified. This will ensure that the loose diamonds has all the same characteristics that the retailer is advertising. When purchasing, GIA diamonds are typically the best investment, as GIA is the most trusted laboratory with the strictest standards. Many GIA diamonds are also inscribed microscopically on the girdle so that they can easily be identified with 50x magnification. Learn more about diamond certification. Overall, wherever you decide to purchase, be sure that you can trust the retailer and that they have a return policy in the event that you are not satisfied with the diamond.

Loose Diamonds Dallas Wholesale Diamonds Dallas Shira Diamonds, Shira Diamonds

Why You Should Buy Loose Diamonds

Buying a loose diamond can be a great decision for a variety of reasons.

  1. Diamonds are one of a kind and can be sold quickly. Therefore, if you like a diamond, purchase it sooner rather than later. Once sold, it is possible to find something similar but not necessarily exactly the same.
  2. Loose diamonds may also be more reasonably priced than a preset jewelry item. There is more transparency as to the quality, and grade of the diamond and therefore, a greater need for sellers to price their diamond competitively. This enables you to get the best diamond price possible.
  3. Additionally, once diamonds are set in jewelry, it can be hard to discern their quality. When looking at diamonds that are unset, it can be easier to see their color, cut and clarity. When looking at diamonds that are unset, it can be easier to see their color, cut and clarity.
  4. Finally, purchasing a loose diamond provides you with flexibility. If you do not know exactly which type of jewelry you may want to set the diamond in, you can save it for a later date so you can get it just right. Overall, there are many benefits to purchasing loose diamonds.
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