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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Customized Wedding Rings

Engagement ring shopping can be an overwhelming process at times.

Your ring will stay with you for a lifetime, and you’ll want to choose something that fits your preferences.

Even if you don’t have a large budget, customized wedding rings will provide you many options. You can still appreciate its gift and symbolism even if it’s not exactly from a high-end diamond dealer.

Knowing what works best and the custom engagement ring trends to avoid will help you avoid buyer’s remorse.

The Engagement Ring Rule

The Engagement Ring Rule Shira Diamonds 300x200, Shira DiamondsWhen it comes to engagement rings, one of the most commonly talked about aspects is budget.

There is a common belief that you should spend around two months’ worth of salary on the ring. Today, this advice no longer holds.

A customized engagement ring allows you to find something that fits your financial situation.

Your main priority is that the ring should match your partner’s expectations.

Many women dream of what their engagement ring will look like for a long time.

If you haven’t had that kind of conversation, then you’ll likely need to ask someone close to your partner to get an idea.

Even then, your ring shouldn’t put a huge blow on your bank account or purchasing power.

Avoid putting yourself in large debt for the ring, as you’ll come to regret it later on.

Also, before setting your budget, consider your expenses, income, and savings.

You’ll need to figure out a safe number that you can accommodate. If you go into debt, you should be able to pay it off in a few months.

Engagement Ring Shopping Mistakes Shira Diamonds E1613029429422, Shira Diamonds


Jewelers understand that negotiation is a part of every deal they undertake.

They have to make a profit, and they have to set a price in which they are comfortable lowering.

You can always ask for a lower price, though it pays to check different reputable jewelers to get an idea of the best price.

When it comes to customized rings, you have to find a balance between value and quality.

Most jewelers will work on the budget you have and recommend the items that price evenly with it.

If you try to lower the money they can work with, you’ll get the same ring, but the metals and diamonds won’t be the same quality.

There might be more room for negotiation if you are buying in a lean month when there isn’t much interest in jewelry.

During this time, you may not even need to negotiate. The store might offer larger discounts and promotions upfront.

Engagement Ring Trends to Avoid

In the last few years, some engagement ring trends have been going around on popular social media websites.

While many of these ideas may sound novel, they are things you should avoid:

Using Other Gems for Center Stones

Using your birthstone or a different colored stone in place of a diamond seems like a unique and novel idea.

You make the ring stand out from all the usual diamond fare. While it may seem tempting to change the stone to make a difference, it is not advisable.

Jewelers use diamonds for engagement rings for a reason.

It is the hardest stone on the planet, and its durability is leagues away from any other gem. It is three times stronger than the next hardest gem, corundum.

Engagement rings will go through a lot of elements and forces over the years.

Diamonds are ideal because they can withstand those years and not get chipped or cracked.

Using Thin Bands and Tiny Elements

Engagement Ring Trends To Avoid Shira Diamonds 300x200, Shira DiamondsThin bands make an engagement ring delicate and add a different personality to it.

The problem is that thin metals are often prone to breaking due to lack of material. And sometimes custom wedding bands do more harm than good.

They also don’t have enough strength to hold your stones in place, and you could find yourself losing your center diamond.

The same is true for tiny diamonds. They add some style points to the rings and can even increase their sparkle.

However, these diamonds can fly out of the setting without you noticing. You’ll spend a lot of money trying to replace all the small diamonds you lost to maintain your ring’s quality.

Not Using Metal for the Band

There’s a reason why gold and other strong metals are the best choices for a ring’s band.

They are durable, easy to clean, and don’t cause any problems even if worn for long periods.

Bands made from bone, wood, or antler may seem unique, but they also don’t have the same durability. They can warp and crack as conditions change.

They also don’t have enough strength to hold gems compared to metals since they aren’t malleable. Items like wood and bone also degrade much quicker over time.

A Safe Choice

Taking a look at the most popular offerings of reputable jewelers will give you an idea of what works.

You can then go from there and build one of your own. A jeweler will work with you and advise you on what works best to make your vision come true.

For example, the most popular choice for an engagement ring is the round solitaire.

It is classy, simple, and elegant. Consider its design when engagement ring shopping and go from there.

Need help with choosing the right engagement ring? Call Shira Diamonds today!

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