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Top 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings

Being in positions of wealth and influence, celebrities adorn some of the world’s most expensive jewelry.

Whether it is by their purchase or through sponsorships, big brands always go with big stars.

The same is true for engagement rings as some of them have displayed expensive pieces.

Let’s take a closer look at these expensive celebrity engagement rings.

The Diamonds Celebrities Use

Celebrities always have easy access to the most exclusive things and experiences. Their status and their wealth allow them to enjoy many things that we common folk don’t have access to.

When it comes to diamonds, they often want and can have unique cuts, big diamonds, or those that sparkle the most that many people would never be able to afford in their lifetime.

Diamond Appearance

Most Extravagant Engagement Rings Shira Diamonds 300x300, Shira DiamondsOne of the most popular cuts that celebrities use is the round cut because they appear larger when they sparkle. They work well displayed on prongs, which gives them the illusion of being more prominent.

The oval and the emerald cut are also popular choices because they give the illusion of size.

One of the biggest cuts celebrities wore was the marquise cut diamond, which became popular during the days of King Louis XV.

This diamond has a thin and elongated shape. It is not very common, but it’s cut makes it look like a huge stone. Pair it with a halo of smaller diamonds, and it appears even more massive.

Rare Cuts

Many celebrities like sporting rare cuts of diamonds due to how hard it is to get them.

This uniqueness adds a bit more flair and a bit more value to the ring.

One of the rarest cuts ever made is the Jubilee cut, which was used as a gift to Queen Victoria of England during her 50th anniversary.

It is a hard cut to replicate as it only works best with large diamonds.

Another rare cut is the Lily cut diamond, which Louis Vuitton has used in some of his designs.

This cut is always associated with high fashion since its creation in 2007. However, its design comes at a cost, with the diamond losing a lot of its size, so large carat sizes are rare.

Another cut that found popularity thanks to celebrities is the Royal Asscher cut.

Due to the difficulty of creating one, it is tough to find. There are less than 75 people on earth that can cut a perfect Royal Asscher.

The Sparkle

Several factors influence how much a diamond sparkles. The general rule is that the more facets it has, the more it reflects light. This is why round brilliant cuts are trendy among celebrities. A gem’s quality and its elements also affect how well it can sparkle under the light.

Aside from the brilliant round, there are other great choices for sparkle:

  • Princess cut
  • Cushion cut
  • Radiant cut

The 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Most Expensive Engagement Rings Ever Shira Diamonds 300x233, Shira DiamondsA lot of a diamond’s price also comes with its size.

In this list, we’ll find that celebrities who sport the most extravagant engagement rings also sport the biggest diamonds.

  • Kim Kardashian
    Kim sported a 15-carat engagement ring during her engagement with Kanye West.While already expensive, Kanye later opted to upgrade the ring. She now wears a 20-carat cushion-cut diamond decorated with micro-pave diamonds on its thin platinum band.The ring was first seen during a couple’s deal with Adidas.Someone later stole the ring, and after the police recovered it, its value was appraised at around $4.5 million. Before this incident, it was rumored to be worth $8 million.
  • Paris Hilton
    Paris has been through an extensive list of lovers and salacious rumors during her life, which often led to controversies.It’s no secret that she’s also been engaged multiple times and has been a recipient of luxurious engagement rings.One of the most notable rings she received was from a Greek socialite, Paris Latsis.

    He proposed with a 24-cut canary diamond valued at $4.7 million. The engagement was later called off after four months.

  • Beyoncé
    Another big hitter in the celebrity world, Beyoncé, showcased a center diamond valued at $5 million.The large gem is set on a platinum split-shank band decorated with micro-pavé diamonds. Jay-Z proposed to her, and they married privately in 2008.The two have been together since 2002, and she gave birth to twins in 2017.
  • Elizabeth Taylor
    For the longest time, Elizabeth Taylor held the record for the biggest and most expensive engagement ring.She sported a 33-carat Asscher cut Krupp diamond valued at $8.8 million.It was a gift to her by her fifth husband, Richard Burton, who bought the diamond at an auction. She was responsible for having the ring designed the way it is and helped popularize the Asscher cut.

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  • Mariah Carey
    Carey, who is known to have sported big diamonds in her career, broke Taylor’s record after her engagement to billionaire James Packer. He gave her a 35-carat emerald cut diamond valued at $10 million.The expensive engagement ring did not come with a happy ending. He later called off the engagement, and she sold the ring for over $2 million.With celebrities’ lavish lifestyles and increasing wealth, we are yet to see the limits of diamond engagement rings.However, it may be awhile before we see another crack on this list of most expensive celebrity engagement rings.

Getting Your Own

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Give us a call to know more.

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