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Wholesale 4 Carat Diamond Studs for sale in Dallas, Texas at Shira Diamonds Dallas. We have 100s of diamond studs and custom diamond rings in stock. All of our diamond studs are conflict free and come with an appraisal. If you would like to view our 4 carat diamond studs please call or text 214-466-1776.

Diamond earrings are like punctuation marks for your wardrobe. A gorgeous pair of diamond earrings add that finishing touch. Who can resist the classic look of diamond stud earrings? Prefer something a little more adventurous? You can’t go wrong with the latest dangle earrings or fashion hoops. Diamond earrings are a timeless classic that add brilliance to any outfit. Though diamond earrings are often the first choice for a night out, many styles are suitable for the office and casual outings. No matter what the occasion, diamond earrings look and feel amazing!

Wholesale Diamond Studs
Shira Diamonds Dallas – Wholesale Diamonds and Custom Diamond Rings in Dallas, Texas provide the private closed loose wholesale diamond purchasing experience to you the retail consumer. With our extensive loose diamond selection, wholesale diamond prices, diamond studs and custom diamond rings designs, we deliver an unparalleled diamond and jewelry buying experience. We are located in Dallas, Texas. Give us a call today to view our large selection of loose wholesale diamonds. As an online diamond wholesaler, we save on overhead costs incurred by traditional retailers, so called wholesalers, diamond brokers and we pass those savings on to you. With over twenty years experience in the wholesale diamond industry,Dallas Wholesale Diamonds – Wholesale Diamonds and Custom Diamond Rings provides the service expected from a fine jewelry retailer while offering competitive wholesale diamond pricing.

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