Round Solitaire Diamond Rings

A bride to-be is a happy woman indeed! Her happiness gets magnified many times over when her beloved presents her with a classic engagement ring while popping the question. Sure, it has to be a diamond. What else can touch a girl’s heart in this manner? The dazzling ring flashing light every way is definitely a classic though. So, it makes sense to go with a round solitaire ring while asking your sweetheart to marry you. The hallmark of a round diamond is its brilliance. No other cut of diamond can throw light with such intensity. The diamond cut in the round shape is exceptional in brilliance due to the facets it contains which number 58 in all. The original round diamond was introduced by Marcel Tolkowsky back in 1919 and it has only succeeded in enhancing its popularity since then.

The round cut diamond engagement ring has definitely stood the test of time with every celebrity of worth possessing at least one. The round solitaire rings happen to be the first choice when it comes to a momentous occasion like an engagement or a wedding though. The brilliant round cut diamond ring looks great in any setting too. However, most brides and brides to-be cherish a solitaire that is a great example of timeless classic. The art of brandishing an enormous sparkling solitaire on the ring finger has almost always found mention in the gossip columns and event reportage through the ages. A single round diamond in the form of a ring is also regarded as an heirloom and has been handed down from generation to generation especially in royal families. The gorgeous round rock on the finger of a blushing bride is one of the most beautiful sights that gladdens the heart and moistens the eye at the same time.

Another advantage you get when opting for a round solitaire is that it fits in perfectly with any style you choose to set it in. So forget the old and antiquated design of the ring that your grandmother had. You will be perfectly justified to reset it in white or yellow gold and fashioning the ring in any shape and size that is trendy and will look good on your finger. Platinum is yet another metal that is often sought after by brides to-be. The cool, white metal accentuates the aesthetics by highlighting the plus points of the round diamond set within the ring.

Do not forget to check the four Cs of the solitaire diamond before you set it as a ring though. The single diamond known as a solitaire stands out because of its classic appeal as well as clarity. Do check the facets in order to confirm the round cut too while purchasing the stone. You are welcome to buy the ring straight away but only after you get it checked by a diamond expert who can vouch for its authenticity and value.

Lauren Conrad, the reality star shows off her beautiful round solitaire ring set in yellow gold while the First Lady, Michelle Obama is proud of her beautiful round solitaire engagement ring too.