Shira_Diamonds_Dallas_-_Wholesale_Diamonds_and_Custom_Diamond_Rings_in_Dallas_Texas_u3li-69Oval Diamond - Shira Diamonds - Copy (1)
Oval Diamond - Shira Diamonds - Copy (1)
1.05ct D SI1 Oval Loose Diamonds – Harlingen


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Diamonds Group:
  • SI1
  • D
  • Oval
Diamonds Group:
  • D
  • SI1 ( Slightly Included )


Wholesale Custom Diamond and Engagement Rings at Shira Diamonds

Oval Diamond - Shira DiamondsLooking for a round or oval diamond in Harlingen, Texas? we offer wholesale loose diamonds with diamond certification. We have EGLUSA, EGL, and GIA certified diamonds. We also offer appraisals with our diamonds purchased at Shira Diamonds.

Diamondthe brilliant sparkling stone with an inner fire sure has a dazzling effect. They are expensive too. However, every girl secretly yearns to have a diamond on her ring finger sooner or later. The celebrities have no problem in getting what they covet but the price of a diamond is well within your reach now, provided you take pains to look around and bag the best bargain available.

While you might have heard about the four Cs used to examine a diamond, it is the cut that holds your attention. The shape of a diamond depends on its cut and you cannot go wrong once you opt for the lovely oval diamonds that have been in vogue since the 1960s after Lazare Kaplan created it. Not only do they outshine everything else by its sheer brilliance, but the slightly longer form can also go a long way in accentuating your slender fingers as well. That is reason enough to choose it for an engagement ring! Your wedding set will look virtually incomplete without at least one ring showcasing a gorgeous oval cut diamond.

Oval Diamond Rings in Dallas Texas - Shira Diamonds (4)

It is important to brush up your knowledge about the oval diamonds in Dallas though before proceeding to buy one. Strangely, an oval cut engagement ring appears to be somewhat longer at the surface than a traditional round diamond of equal carats. It is no mystery though as an oval diamond occupies more surface area, a trait that also results in more brilliance. The effect is dazzling, to say the least. That is precisely the reason why most traditional marriages took place after the engagement was declared with the aid of an oval cut ring. The most pleasurable fact is here is the greater value that you get for the money.

The shape makes your diamond look bigger as it outshines its counterparts of other cuts but the price remains the same as the other diamonds of equal weight. Now that is surely an advantage that you will find hard to surpass. You need to learn about the importance of length to width ratio here. This aspect is one of the most vital considerations of purchasing oval diamonds in Dallas or elsewhere in the world. The shape of the diamond varies with the ratio too although that happens to be your personal preference. A greater ratio implies that you will get a longer diamond while a smaller ratio is all about an oval diamond that looks more roundish. Most individuals select their oval cut diamonds that have a length to width ratio between 1.3 to 1.7. You are welcome to do your own thing, however.

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