1.10ct H SI2 Radiant Cut Diamond-Dallas


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  • Radiant
Diamonds Group:
  • H
  • SI2 ( Slightly Included )


1.10ct H SI2 Radiant Cut Diamond at Shira Diamonds Dallas $2600.00

Radiant Diamonds - Shira Diamonds (3)While many individuals think of a radiant diamond merely as a Princess cut diamond where the corners have been cut off, a connoisseur of diamonds knows the truth, however. The primary difference between the two lies in the way the diamond reflects light. While a conventional Princess cut has a linear life where there are alternate black and white lines of light reflected from its facets. The telltale sign of a dark X formed at the center of a Princess diamond is completely missing in a radiant.

The genuine radiant cut has a circular life that can be explained as light entering through various facets that then gets reflects numerous times within the stone thus emphasizing its brilliance many times over.Buying a radiant cut diamond is certainly not a 1 minute task. There are several aspects to consider here. When the length to width ratio of a radiant diamond happens to be between 1.00 and 1.05, you get a square shaped one. The ratio of a rectangular radiant is usually more than 1.10. There is nothing superior or inferior about either of the shapes though. Your choice will depend on your preference here.

radiant cut diamonds in Dallas Texas - Radiant Engagement Rings - Shira Diamonds (1)We sell a variety of certified and non-certified loose diamonds. Each diamond in our inventory is conflict free and personally hand-picked and examined by our diamond experts. Complete information is available on every single diamond we sell.

If you are looking for a wholesale radiant diamond ring in Dallas, Texas you found the right place. Shira Diamonds Dallas are Diamond Dealers selling directly to the public. This radiant diamond is a 1.10ct H SI2 and selling for $2600.00. We are the largest diamond dealers in Dallas, Texas open to the public. Visit us today and save on your next diamond purchase.


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