5 Carat Oval Cut Diamond F SI1 – Dallas, TX

$65,000.00 $25,000.00

Code: SD-1043: 5 Carat Oval Diamond TX
Diamonds Group:
  • SI1
  • F
  • Oval
Diamonds Group:
  • F
  • SI1 ( Slightly Included )


5 Carat Oval Diamond F SI1 Loose Diamond

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Oval Diamond - Shira Diamonds (1)

Looking for an Oval Diamond or an Oval Diamond Engagement ring in Dallas, Texas? At Shira Diamonds we carry 100s of loose diamonds and custom engagement rings in Dallas, Texas. This oval cut diamond is a 5 Carat diamond with F color and has an Si1 Clarity. If you would like to view our oval diamonds please give us a call at 214-466-1776.

Diamond- the brilliant sparkling stone with an inner fire sure has a dazzling effect. They are expensive too. However, every girl secretly yearns to have a diamond on her ring finger sooner or later. The celebrities have no problem in getting what they covet but the price of a diamond is well within your reach now, provided you take pains to look around and bag the best bargain available.While you might have heard about the four Cs used to examine a diamond, it is the cut that holds your attention. The shape of a diamond depends on its cut and you cannot go wrong once you opt for the lovely oval diamonds that has been in vogue since the 1960s after Lazare Kaplan created it. Not only do they outshine everything else by its sheer brilliance, the slightly longer form can go a long way in accentuating your slender fingers as well. That is reason enough to choose it for an engagement ring! Your wedding set will look virtually incomplete without at least one ring showcasing a gorgeous oval cut diamond.

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  1. Drew Trusty

    great prices on 5 carat oval cut diamonds in Dallas, Texas. Shira Diamonds is very helpful with purchasing a large diamond. The diamond selection is great. I’m thrilled about the purchase and hopefully my wife will love this OVAL!

    Dallas, Texas

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