Cushion Cut Diamond 5.08ct F Si1 Non Certified : F Color – Dallas


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Code: SDA1009: Cushion Diamonds Dallas
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Clarity Color Shape
Diamonds Group:
  • F
  • SI1 ( Slightly Included )


Cushion Cut Diamond 5.08ct F Si1 in Dalla at Shira Diamonds

The cushion cut diamond that resembles a pillow is now back in vogue although it had been somewhat difficult to locate one just a few years before. The large estate sales as well as the auction houses did handle this particular classically cut diamond once in a while but it was near impossible to purchase one just by walking into a store that specializes in diamonds. Thankfully that era is passé now and you will be able to check out numerous jeweled pieces showcasing the old mine cut, also christened the cushion cut diamond now. There are several diamond dealers as well as stores in Dallas, Texas that stocks them at present.
Cushion Halo Diamond Rings in Dallas Texas - Shira Diamonds (4)

It is impossible to admire the diamond unless you know what a cushion cut is. It is actually a blend of the princess diamond (square cut) with rounded ends that makes it look somewhat like a cushion hence its modern term. This cut has enthralled Royalty and ordinary folk alike for as long as 200 years and was once considered to be the de facto shape of diamonds. While its popularity had waned with time, it is back with a bang now. However, royalty and old business houses have been replaced by Hollywood and Sports celebrities who played a big role in the revival of the cushion cut diamond in Dallas, Texas and elsewhere across the United States of America.

This Cushion Cut Diamond is white and eye clean. The carat weight of this loose cushion cut diamond is 5.08ct with the Color of F and a Si1 Clarity. If you would like to view our cushion cut diamonds please call 214-707-1182.


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