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Code: SDDR-0004: Antique Diamond Ring
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  • VS2
  • G
  • Round
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Custom Antique Diamond Rings

Custom Round Antique Diamond Ring in Dallas, Texas at Shira Diamonds Dallas

Custom Vintage Diamond Ring Dallas 4Nowadays, since the giving of engagement rings as a sign of a lifetime commitment has become a norm, to-be-brides want to be given something unique that goes out of the normal look of modern engagement rings. This is where the giving of vintage engagement rings becomes advantageous as they don’t just represent romance, charm and uniqueness. This is a way to give an engagement ring that can be less expensive and has a more romantic design. The giving of vintage engagement rings can be very significant as there are stories that you are passing on from one owner to another, as these most oftentimes carry memories of deep love.

Typical vintage engagement rings are those which are at least 30 to 50 years old. Some of the vintage engagement rings are estate engagement rings, which are sometimes passed on from one generation to another, or some may be just newly bought for a year and is sold off as part of an estate. If you are looking for genuine vintage rings, it is best to look for the ones made before the 1950s. There are other types of vintage engagement rings which are also identified on other categories like the Georgian engagement rings, Edwardian engagement rings, Victorian engagement rings and Marquise engagement rings and Art Deco Engagement rings. The engagement rings in this category have been made with certain types of histories which can give more meaning to the rings that you are proposing with.

Custom Antique Diamond Rings in Dallas, Texas at Shira Diamonds. We are now open to the public in Dallas, Texas. Give us a call or text at 214-466-1776.


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