Emerald Cut Diamond 8.19ct G VS2 – Dallas
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Code: SDA1003: 8 Carat Emerald Cut
Diamonds Group:
Clarity Color Shape
Diamonds Group:
  • G
  • VS2 ( Very Slight Included )


Wholesale Emerald Cut Diamond at Shira Diamonds in Dallas, Texas

The emerald cut diamonds are considered to be one of the most beautiful cuts. This particular cut had first been used for cutting emeralds but individuals started appreciating the look and feel of diamonds in the same cut later on and it gained in reputation slowly over time. Its clean shape in the form of a rectangle is much appreciated as it is easier to set into jewelry and the regular shape is often desired by the modern generation celebrities as well. The shape of a genuine emerald cut diamond can vary from almost a square to a narrow rectangle. It is usually wise to finalize the setting before opting for the matching emerald cut stone. The emerald diamond is famous for its hall of mirrors effect. Although not dazzling in any way, the emerald cut diamond creates a spectacular illusion of alternating white light on dark panes that are reflected on each step. The corners are generally not sharp edges but are rounded off and a superior quality of cut results in the corners sparkling brilliantly.

This Emerald Cut Diamond is a 8.19ct ( 8 Carat ) non certified diamond G Color and VS2 Clarity. This diamond measures 14.33×8.83×6.32. If you would like to view our emerald cut diamonds, please Shira Diamonds at 214-707-1182.

1 review for Emerald Cut Diamond 8.19ct G VS2 – Dallas

  1. Chelsea Parker

    Shira Diamonds had a wide variety of custom emerald diamond rings to choose from. I chose the one I liked best though it took a long since there was a lot to look at. Thank you!

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