Loose 1 Carat Diamond J VS2 – Dallas


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Loose 1 Carat Diamond at Shira Diamonds in Dallas, TX

Traditional retail stores overhead expenses can be greater than the wholesale cost of the diamond itself and these are extra expenses that consumers have to pay for but cannot wear out of the store. The question is do you really want to pay 50% to 100% more than our prices for the privilege of shopping in a lavishly decorated retail jewelry store. We keep overhead expenses extremely low and pass the savings on to you. Our prices are a fraction of discounted retail sales prices. We help you hold on to your hard earned money and still get a big beautiful diamond engagement ring.

This round loose diamond is a loose 1 carat round diamond selling for $2200.00. If you have any questions about our loose round diamonds in Plano, Texas please call or text 214-707-1182. Shira Diamonds have 100s of loose diamonds for sale.


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