Loose 4 Carat H SI2 Round Diamond – Dallas

$25,000.00 $17,000.00


Loose Round Diamond 4 Carat H SI2 at Shira Diamonds

Round Cut DiamondsLooking for the best place in Dallas, Texas for a 4 carat round diamond? At Shira Diamonds we offer real wholesale diamonds with real wholesale diamond prices. At Shira Diamonds we only sell our diamonds and we do not broker the diamonds. Most jewelry stores or fake wholesalers have diamond searches linked to other peoples inventory. When you are buying a diamond ask the person showing you diamonds to pull out different shapes. 90% percent of them don’t have anything but the diamonds you asked to see.

This round diamond is priced to sell at $17,000.00. If you have any questions about our loose diamonds please give us a call or text at 214-466-1776.

Round diamonds are traditionally the first and most popular diamond that’s given as a symbol of commitment. They have a classic uniform and symmetrical shape. Round diamonds have 58 facets, that qualify them a brilliant cut. Their faceting also makes color and inclusions appear better than other fancy shapes. Over 50% of all diamonds purchased are round cut diamonds. They are overwhelming a popular selection for engagement rings and bridal jewelry.


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